2013 Rock N’ Roll Rumble: Lineup

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Meet the Class of 2013!

The Field EffectWhite DynomiteEddie Japan
Glenn Yoder and the Western States • The Okay Win
Jack Burton vs. David Lo Pan The Deep North
Endation • Blackbutton • Camden • Herra Terra
WhitcombParks • Twin Berlin • Velah
The Suicide Dolls • Coyote KolbLifestyle • Mount Peru
Ruby Rose FoxThe Daily PravdaSupermachine
Cancer Killing Gemini • The New Highway Hymnal

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    […] For a complete list of bands, check out Boston Emissions […]

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    […] other news, we’re ridiculously stoked to be part of the Rock N’ Roll Rumble Class of 2013!  This April we’ll go head to head with 23 of Boston’s finest bands at TT the […]

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    […] Check out our competition here. […]

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    […] back of the club and brings out a giant stack of Rumble posters, glossy and white and featuring the entire Rumble lineup. Wood marvels at them for a […]

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