ChuckTV: The Movie

From the creators of the Attitude Adjustment Hour and the First Word at 4… Comes a full-length feature film that we probably had no business making…

Chuck Nowlin is not only the affable afternoon DJ at one of Boston’s most storied radio stations, he’s also a man with a dream.

A dream of one day taking his highly rated radio program to the silver screen.

From humble beginnings as a web-based video series on, ChuckTV is ready to take the obvious next step – Hollywood!

No budget, no actors, no direction, no problem! Boston’s Classic Rock, 100.7 WZLX presents ChuckTV: The Movie, starring Chuck Nowlin, Kevin Karlson, Pete McKenzie, Carter Alan, Kenny Young, Scott Zolak, Tony Massarotti, Cha Chi Loprete, and more, as they star in their first – and quite possibly their last – major motion picture debut!

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