• (ChuckTV Screenshot)

    ChuckTV: Chuck Nowlin Gets Hacked!

    With Sony getting hacked, you’d think that ChuckTV would take measures to safeguard ourselves.

  • dl3-elfshelf2

    ChuckTV: Elf On The Shelf

    Even the WZLX studio has an Elf on the Shelf, and that freaks Chuck Nowlin out a little.

  • Scared Straight Santa

    Scared Straight Santa Calls Olivia

    Three-year-old Olivia has been naughty this year. She likes to push her brother around.


    Cha Chi’s Rare Beatles Memorabilia

    Cha Chi lets us into his Beatles memorabilia H.Q. – AKA his office – at WZLX studios.

  • ernie-dl3

    Ernie the Elf Takes On Pill-Popping Kristy

    She was not happy to learn she’s on the naughty list.

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