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How Did The Last Meal Game Go This Time?Last time we tried playing the last meal game, Kevin and Heather didn't meet eye to eye on how it was played and things are still tense from that.
What Did David Backes Study in College?Boston Bruin David Backes joined Karlson & McKenzie this morning.
Horse Shoe Senseless SurveyCould this Senseless Survey be lucky?
Carter Alan’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Diary: December 7 in Classic Rock HistoryPaul McCartney’s first album with the band Wings was released on this day in 1971. “Wildlife” was not a success, but the next Wings album a year and a half later went all the way to #1. What was the title of that record?
Boston Emissions 12.4.16 | Cask Mouse, DiabloGato, Gang Green, Something Sneaky, Horse Mode, Helium, Go Blank, The Rupert Selection, Tribe, AirportHear the Rock of Boston and New England. Sunday night at 10 on 100.7 WZLX. Hosted by Anngelle Wood. Online at @bostonemissions
What Was Pete McKenzie Doing with Cookies & Crackers?Pete was given a task by his wife to bring cookies and crackers because she didn't want them in house.
Ernie the Elf Calls John!Ernie was a little tired from watching the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show last night but still was able to give John a call.
Jackson's Wife To Be Went to Ireland WITHOUT Him!Jackson's fiancée Katee is currently on a trip to Ireland without Jackson which made the show scratch their heads and ask why.
Kevin Karlson Feels Old TodayKevin felt old today because we called up his son so he could wish Chris a Happy 27th Birthday!
Smelling Eyelashes Senseless SurveyThis guy was not impressed with Kevin's line of questioning from the beginning.
Carter Alan’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Diary: December 6 in Classic Rock HistoryIn 1970, Derek and the Dominos gave their final show at the Suffolk Community College in New York. Later they tried to record a second studio album, but broke up partway through. Which member of the Dominos would continue to work with Eric Clapton for several years?
Pete Came Across A Tom Brady Story...While at the bar watching the Patriots game Sunday, Pete talked to a guy that had a great story about Tom Brady.

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