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What Does Pete Do When He's Home Alone?Kevin and Pete compared what they do when no one is around including Fat Guy Moments.
This Band Plays *What* For Instruments?Kevin asked the show what they thought was being played in a song clip and offered up three suggestions.
One & A Half Senseless SurveyThat's 50% more Senseless Survey for those of you following along at home!
Carter Alan's Rock 'n' Roll Diary: September 28 in Classic Rock HistoryU2 played Madison Square Garden in 1987 with the New Voices of Freedom guesting on “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For.” Rehearsals for that performance were filmed and ended up on the big screen in “Rattle and Hum.” Who directed the movie?
Jon Keller Helps Karlson & McKenzie Understand The DebateHear his take on it all between lipstick, sniffling and other observations.
Giddy Up Senseless SurveyWell there, cowboy... Seems like it's time for the Senseless Survey...
Carter Alan's Rock 'n' Roll Diary: September 27 in Classic Rock HistoryVan Halen began it’s highly-anticipated reunion tour with David Lee Roth on this day in 2007. Dave originally developed his outrageous ‘Diamond Dave’ persona in his very first band. What was that band?
Joe Perry's Next Solo Album Is "In The Can"Perry is looking to release the material next year.
Kevin Rode 25 Miles To Defeat ALS!We were astonished to find out that Kevin Karlson actually biked 25 miles with our boss Mike Thomas on Sunday to help the ALS Assocation defeat ALS.
Nirvana Baby Recreates 'Nevermind' Album Cover 25 Years Later“I said to the photographer, ‘Let’s do it naked.’ But he thought that would be weird, so I wore my swim shorts,” Spencer Elden said.
NEW Senseless Survey INTRO ALERT!Listener Ken sent us an email with a pretty good sounding intro to the Senseless Survey and we played it today.
Carter Alan's Rock 'n' Roll Diary: September 26 in Classic Rock HistoryThe Beatles released their “Abbey Road” album in England. It was accompanied by a single whose two sides were both major hits for the band in its late phase. What are the songs?

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