The Judge Senseless SurveyShe eventually hung up when Kevin asked her to braid his hair. Check it out.
The Shooting Spaghetti Senseless SurveyAfter a take 2 since the first call went to voice mail, Kevin was able to get a hold of a man who had a quick minute to take the survey.
The Wild Days Senseless SurveyThe phone rang for a guy that seemed to be in an enjoyable mood for a Monday and answered a decent amount of questions.
The Glove Box Senseless SurveyKevin asked this man if he was okay renaming the glove compartment to drive thru napkin holders.
Pete’s Dad Joke Senseless SurveyKevin had a woman on the phone that did not take the survey seriously and after all the questions he asked, he had to confront her about it.
The Man Bun Senseless SurveyAfter asking about toasters throwing toast a foot in the air, the guy hung up at the end of a question regarding man buns.
The Back Rub Senseless SurveyKevin had to have Jackson ring up another person to take the survey because the first ringy dingy went to a voice mail. A woman picked up the phone and probably regretted it afterwards.
The Delivery Senseless SurveyKevin had a hard time hearing the person on the phone and the voice really threw him off.
The Cup of Tea Senseless SurveyOne lucky fella picked up the phone was he was rung up by the show for the survey. One of the first questions asked if his snacking abilities required a family size reunion bag of chips over a regular family size.
The Superpower Senseless SurveyIn today's Survey, a woman picked up the phone and let’s just say it didn’t really go well.
The Giraffe Senseless SurveyKevin had to get Heather’s attention because she is focused on a giraffe giving birth live on the internet before the phone started to ring for today’s survey.
The Pizza Candy Senseless SurveyKevin got a hold of someone on her way to work and had her take the speaker phone off.

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