The Panda Express Senseless SurveyIt was a Friday so we were expecting a straight to voicemail or hang up really quick but nope. Not this Friday.
Farmer’s Market Senseless SurveyFirst senseless question was: "Would you be happy if the characters on Game of Thrones wore nametags so everyone could follow along?"
Another 2nd Try Senseless SurveyKevin rang up a woman named Paige and it went right to her voicemail so he had Jackson ring another number for him today. A guy picked up the phone and decided to give him the OK to take the survey.
The Peachy Senseless SurveyThe man this morning reluctantly said go ahead with the questions Kevin was about to ask.
The Bless You Senseless SurveyKevin asked about people not blessing you after you sneeze and Uber food trucks, the guy had enough for staying mostly calm.
The Okey Dokey Senseless SurveyKevin rang up a woman that agreed to take the Survey on the condition it would be quick. Well we know how that goes.
Who Is That Senseless SurveyAfter a ring, a man picked up the phone and is probably regretting rushing to his phone after what transpired in this Survey.
Wiping Your Eyebrows Senseless SurveyWho doesn't get Back to the Future references?!
The Onion Ring Senseless SurveyOn this non-repeat Tuesday of the Senseless Survey, Kevin was able to ring up a guy who agreed to take the survey.
The Deteriorating Senseless SurveyThis Hump Day edition of the Survey kicked off skeptically from the guy that Kevin got on the phone.
Kevin Needs Help Dressing Himself Senseless SurveyAfter complaining about his wife not laying out the proper clothes for him today including his underwear with Heather giving him the business for it, Kevin finally got into the Survey dialing up a woman he was good at the beginning of the call but that was about to change.
Choking on Almonds Senseless SurveyWhat would it take to get this guy off the phone? Would it be a question about "Stairway to Heaven" being referenced an obnoxious amount, if his parents are unconditionally disappointed in him, or What his favorite curse word is?

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