The Food Explosion Senseless SurveyIt’s Friday so Kevin tried to get a hold of someone to talk the Survey and he did. The guy that picked up the phone said he would answer the questions depending on what they are.
The Food Rhyme Senseless SurveyKevin dialed up a guy this morning and promised him it would only be thirty seconds but you know that never happens.
The Food Avalanche Senseless SurveyAfter some space age sounds came through the phone, a woman answered her phone to hear the delightful tone of Kevin’s voice before he launched into some of the senseless questions he had lined up.
The Nun Senseless SurveyAfter a question about a nun, he hung up after before Kevin could squeeze in the last question.
The Neck Fat Senseless SurveyKevin rang up a woman to ask a few questions and she sure seemed like she was in a hurry because she wanted to make it quick.
The Allergy Remedy Senseless SurveyWhen Kevin finally asked about a “remedy” for allergies, he couldn’t have hung up fast enough.
The Quick Senseless SurveyOn this 4/20 of 2017, Kevin got a hold of a guy that agreed to answer questions but little did he know what was about to be asked.
The Ugly Friend Senseless SurveyKevin got a woman on the good ol’ horn as they call it but she wanted to make sure you knew she’s on her cell phone.
The Flonase Senseless SurveyKevin was able to connect with a guy this Tuesday after making sure they could hear each other. Kevin went on to ask if he’d go to a hair restoration place called out of thin hair and if he has a good Cadbury Egg Salad recipe because he has a lot of Easter candy leftover.
The Pop Tart lasagna Senseless SurveyKevin rang up today’s Senseless Survey from the road at the Boston Marathon starting line and this woman played along for a little while until she started to get suspicious.
The Very Angry Senseless SurveyKevin rang up one guy who definitely woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Right at the beginning when Kevin asked if he owned livestock.
The Cuisine Senseless SurveyKevin got his questions and rang up a guy who seemed alright with the questions like being scared with leaving the house with your phone battery at less than 50 percent and participating in Tickle Tuesdays.

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