The Eyebrow Call Back Senseless SurveyBack to normal after listener Mark hijacked the jingle for the week with his attempts at a new one. Kevin dialed up the phone and a woman picked up the phone to participant in the survey.
The Vodka Meal Senseless SurveyToday's Senseless Survey featured a bunch of "no" answers before the caller eventually broke down.
Halloween Costume Senseless SurveyHear how the rest of the survey went and when she hung up on Kevin when he asked about a scary Halloween costume.  
Call You Baby Senseless SurveyYou’ll have to hear how Kevin finally got him to hang up and regarded a name. Take a listen.
The Metal Intro SurveyA listener claiming to be Mark sent in a metal version of the Senseless Survey intro which Heather like but Kevin thought it was too much.
The Clown Name SurveyKevin had to ask if anyone was there because no one gave a greeting when he dialed the phone. A woman did respond and agreed to take this Friday the 13th survey.
The Fresh Bathroom SurveyKevin asked if he replaces the Febreeze can in his bathroom with an air horn so you know when someone goes to the bathroom.
The Notary Senseless SurveyKevin pushed some buttons and rang up a woman to take the survey this Hump Day morning. The woman told him to hurry up because she didn’t have a lot of time.
The Tweety Bird Senseless SurveyHe finally hung up when Kevin asked about an open marriage.
The Silent Treatment Senseless SurveyOn this Columbus Day, Kevin rang up a man who didn’t seem happy he was called on his cell phone but did take the survey anyways.
Your Other Half Senseless SurveyWe kept a-rollin' with the survey and getting someone on the first try in this Friday edition of the Senseless Survey.
The Rock Star Senseless SurveyWe seem to be on a roll getting people to take the survey on the first call because Kevin was able to get a woman on the phone today no problem.

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