Meet 3-Year Old Led Zeppelin Expert, LilyLily doesn't miss a beat when her dad picks up his guitar for some Zeppelin "Name That Tune."
Stairway To Seven EXTRA: “Poor Tom”Ever the student of the instrument, Jimmy Page began exploring alternate and open tunings for guitar as far back as the Yardbirds and shows evidence of the technique on nearly all of Zeppelin’s studio albums.
Stairway To Seven EXTRA: “29 Palms”All the snow earlier got me thinking of warmer climates, palm trees, sunshine and such. Robert Plant had similar thoughts when he was out on the road Touring in the early ‘90’s.
Stairway To Seven EXTRA: “Ramble On”This piece of mastery came to be written and recorded (like most of the songs on Zeppelin 2) while the Band was on tour in the States during the Summer of ’69.
Stairway To Seven EXTRA: "Groovin'"Tonight we lead off with their cover/reworking of a song first recorded in 1961 by Ben E. King (yes, of “Stand By Me” fame).
Stairway To Seven EXTRA: "The Honeydrippers"Robert Plant's first project after the break up of Led Zeppelin was to scratch his Rhythm & Blues itch. In 1981, he put together a line up of like-minded cats who all shared his love for the roots of Rock-n-Roll called The Honeydrippers.
Stairway To Seven EXTRA: “Plant-ing His Roots”Tonight we lead off the Stairway-to-Seven with a great version of “Fortune Teller” from Robert Plant and Alison Krauss’ “Raising Sand”.
Stairway To Seven EXTRA: “Flag on the Play: False Start”That’s how “Tangerine” from Zeppelin III gets rolling. Jimmy said he was just setting the tempo on the first few minor chords before he restarts with the famous 12-string guitar riff.
Stairway To Seven EXTRA: “How Many More Times…..Will Jimmy Use the Violin Bow?”Well, just one other instance of the violin bow appearing on the first album (“Dazed and Confused”) but you get a regular tour de force of what the Band would become on this track that opens tonight’s Stairway To Seven.
Stairway To Seven EXTRA: "The Rover"Another great tune that was never performed live by the Band. It’s roots stretch back over 5 years before it’s official release. Jimmy started writing, what would become “The Rover” at Bron-yr-Aur.
Stairway To Seven EXTRA: "Not To Be Confused With 'Wonton'"Personally, I just love the groove on this one. Groove for days.
Stairway To Seven EXTRA: “How the West Was Won”Listen just after 7 p.m. for a great version of “Over The Hills and Far Away” mixed from both nights of these famed shows.

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