"That Guy" With Big Head Braden: Braden Vs. Hipsters 04.14.14Braden's hipster friend is "That Guy" who is in a hipster bar but thinks he's in a dive bar. Any bar named State Park in Kendall Square is definitely a hipster bar!
"That Guy" With Braden - The TV Show Spoiler On FacebookYou're not a movie or T.V. review writer, so please keep your spoilers to yourself.
That Guy With Braden - That Guy Who Disappears After He Has A KidBraden doesn't want to change when the new addition to his family comes. He still wants to have buddies over his house to hang out, as long as they don't mind that he's covered with feces and throw up!
"That Guy" With Braden: That Guy Who Hasn't Shoveled ONCE All WinterBraden has a bone to pick with that guy who is too lazy to shovel his sidewalk. They are putting Braden's life in danger!!
"That Guy" Winter Olympics NutWinter Olympics are loved by many people in America but don't count on Braden to sit down and watch with you.
"That Guy" - At The Super Bowl Party!Just watch the game and stop being such a turd!
That Guy w/ Braden: That Guy Who Calls Everyone "Bro"Big Head is really upset with how people try to be tough and cool when they call each other "names". You better not call him any of these especially if you're inside wearing aviators.
"That Guy" with Braden - The Guy Who Won't Shut Up About His New Year's ResolutionBraden is upset about people bragging about their new years resolutions.
"That Guy" With Braden: That Guy Who Brings His Kids To VegasThat guy who brings his kids to Vegas.
"That Guy" w/ Braden: That Guy Who's Horrible To Have On Your Softball TeamYou're out! No seriously, please leave.
"That Guy" Who Parks His Pile of Crap Car Out Front Of Your HouseTime to start leaving nails out in front of the house!
"That Guy" w/ Braden - Road Rager Who Wants to Fight YouIt's probably best to keep your eyes on the road ahead of you when you run into him, but Braden can't help but egg on "That Guy."

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