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Pete Talked To ZLX Fans That Liked (And Disliked) Chuck Nowlin

While hanging out at Whiskey Priest before the big 30th WZLX House Party show, Pete ran into some listeners that really love Chuck and also really dislike Chuck. Take a listen to what they had to say.


From the WZLX Ticket Stash: J. Geils played the TD Garden in 1975, and The Cars were at the Paradise in 1978.

Kevin Played “DJ Superlatives” With ZLX Fans

Kevin was mingling with the fans during the big 30th WZLX House Party show and asked some superlative questions regarding the on air staff. He also came across a woman with a J Geils Band love story. Listen to them both.


Senseless Survey DL

The “Where’s My Coke Can?” Senseless Survey

Many great questions today including one about coke cans with names on them. Listen to the survey to ease into the weekend.


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Pink Floyd’s Iconic Floating Pig Is Going Up For Auction, Among Other Famous Props

The famous flying pig from the Pink Floyd classic ‘Animals’ is set to go up for auction, among many other famous rock ‘n’ roll props.