Chewbacca Mom Gets a Lesson from J.J. Abrams: WatchJames Corden's carpool karaoke gets a Wookiee twist.
Paul McCartney Calls Kanye West a MonsterA monster in a good way.
Karlson & McKenzie Present the Drunken Spelling BeeDrink beer. Spell words. Compete for glory.
Producer Mike's Eye Growth Has Been Removed, Replaced With a Cool Eye PatchHow did surgery go? Did Mike cry? Let's see what Mike's eye doctor had to say about his patient.
The Sweet Valley High Senseless SurveyShe started getting angry when we asked her about joggers, and went totally valley girl when questions about Dollar Store makeup started coming up.
Carter Alan's Rock N' Roll Diary: May 24 in Classic Rock HistoryHappy birthday to Bob Dylan! His first album in 1962 was entitled “Bob Dylan,” understandably enough. What was his second named?
Boston Emissions 5.22.16: Nate Leavitt, Watts, Black Helicopter, When Particles Collide, Morphine, The Galactic PerimeterThe Rock of Boston and New England. Sunday at 10pm. Live from Boston. Hosted by Anngelle Wood. Home of the Rock & Roll Rumble.
Anthony Kiedis' Health Scare Was a Wake-Up Call"I'd rather play deathly ill than not at all but in this particular instance I was starting to go down to the ground."
Kevin Karlson Has A Family SecretIt all came back to him while driving home a mattress that was sliding off his car.
Kevin Played Designated Driver For His Daughter Over the WeekendHear how their conversation went while he drove his hiccuping daughter home. It's interviewing at its best.
The Bow Tie Senseless SurveyBow Ties: fashion statement, delicious pasta, and a question in today's Senseless Survey!
Carter Alan's Rock N' Roll Diary: May 23 in Classic Rock HistoryRush played the Boston Garden on this night in 1981. What song began the show?

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