The High Beam Senseless Survey!After asked about high beams being laser beams, this guy couldn’t get off quick enough but Kevin squeezed in a couple more questions.
Carter Alan's Rock N' Roll Diary: February 23 in Classic Rock HistoryDire Straits made its U.S. concert debut in America on this night in 1979 at the Paradise Theater. Where and when was the band’s final U.S. appearance?
David Bowie Wins Best Male Solo Artist At BRIT AwardsZiggy Stardust takes home posthumous award at UK's big music night.
Pete McKenzie Desperately Bets on The OscarsThe guys and Heather banter about which movie they should bet on or should they pick on a favorite actor or actress?
The Krafts Were Told to Pass on Belichick, Defends Tom BradyOf course, Deflategate came up and Kraft was asked about Brady’s allegations. Robert said he is the nicest guy so he had to defend him.
The Y’Hello Senseless Survey!Mr. Y’Hello started to know something was up especially when Kevin asked about beer at the hardware store and taking care of your leaky bladder which caused the hang up while Kevin was the middle of the next question.
Carter Alan's Rock N' Roll Diary: February 22 in Classic Rock HistoryOn this day in 1978, the Police appeared in a Wrigley’s chewing gum ad in which the members dyed their hair blonde. Newest member Andy Summers had replaced what guitarist?
David Cassidy Set To Retire After Revealing He Suffers From DementiaThe Partridge Family star says he will stop touring in wake of health revelation.
Frances Bean on Kurt Cobain's 50th Birthday: 'You are Loved and You are Missed'Bean shared a handwritten note to her late father.
Paul Stanley Squashes The Idea Of A KISS ReunionFounding member Paul Stanley gives the final verdict on a KISS reunion.
How Did Pete McKenzie Do Wagering Over the Vacation Break?After trying to get the show to bet on the Oscars, Pete doled out some winnings from the Super Bowl to Kevin and Heather.
The Dossier Senseless Survey!Kevin was excited with all the questions he had for today, even if they were leftovers before vacation.

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