Carter Alan's Rock 'n' Roll Diary: August 27 in Classic Rock HistoryHappy birthday to Alex Lifeson of Rush. That’s a stage name – what’s his real one?
Did You Know It's Jackson's 2nd Anniversary On Karlson & McKenzie?On Thursday, Jackson felt the need to tell everyone that it was his 2nd year anniversary on the show.
Is Kevin Insecure About His Car?Does it sound like Kevin is insecure about it or just mad?
Rock Talk With Carter: Duane Allman's 10-Day Recording Session With Derek and the DominosOn this day in 1970, Duane Allman of the Allman Brothers Band began a 10 day recording session with Derek and the Dominos on what would eventually be the 'Layla' album.
The Doorbell Senseless SurveyDing Dong! Who's there? It's the Senseless Survey!
Carter Alan's Rock 'n' Roll Diary: August 26 in Classic Rock HistoryIn 1978 the Doobie Brothers played the Cape Cod Coliseum. That was a big year for the Doobie brothers and yielded an album that spent five weeks at #1. What was that mega-seller?
Frances Bean Cobain' s Ex Requests $300,000 Per Year In Spousal SupportApparently being a rockstar doesn't cover the bills of living like one for Cobain's ex, Isaiah Silva.
It's Not Necessarily "The End" for Ozzy Osbourne Says Black Sabbath KeyboardistIt might be "The End" for Black Sabbath, but it sounds like Ozzy Osbourne is already making plans after his band's final tour is done.
Another "Does That Make Me A Bad Person?" Segment To Make You Feel BetterEver wonder if something you've done has made you a "bad person?" Luckily, the Karlson & McKenzie crew are here to pass judgement on you!
Karlson & McKenzie Chat with Nick OffermanNick Offerman, aka Ron Swanson from Parks & Recreation joined Karlson & McKenzie this morning.
Jackson's Senseless SurveyOut of the kindness of Kevin's heart, he dedicated this survey to Jackson. Did it throw Kevin off thought?
Carter Alan's Rock 'n' Roll Diary: August 25 in Classic Rock HistoryIn 1994 Jimmy Page & Robert Plant reunited in the studio to record their album “Unledded” in front of an MTV audience. Surviving Led Zeppelin member john Paul Jones found out about it after the fact. Why wasn’t he invited by the other two?

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