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Cynthia Lennon and John Lennon

Cynthia and John Lennon In The 1960’s

We lost John’s first wife, Cynthia Lennon, today. She passed away of cancer at the age of 75. Relive her time with John in our Cynthia and John gallery.

8 hours ago

Violent Storms Kill 24 In North Carolina

Google Made a Fake ‘Smart Mailbox’ for April Fool’s Day and It’s Hilarious

Google always kills it with the April Fool’s Day pranks, creating hilarious fake new products, and this one is one of the best yet: a “smartbox” that combines physical mailboxes with the best things about email.

8 hours ago


How Far Would You Go To Cut the Drive-Thru Line?

A man in Texas was arrested for impersonating an officer, sirens and all, to cut ahead in the drive-thru line.

9 hours ago

You won't believe what this girl was caught singing at a funeral... (Photo by Tertius Pickard-Pool/Getty Images)

You Sing “THIS” At A Funeral?!

A video hit the web of a woman singing at a funeral and well….it didn’t seem totally appropriate. Some guys recorded it and laughed at her. Listen to the audio.

10 hours ago

Pete on the Street DL

Pete On The Street: Prankin’ on Dunkin’

Pete goes to the same Dunkin Donuts every morning and has quite the relationship with the staffers there. Well, this morning he broke some news to them….

10 hours ago