SixX Strings Special Report: Jackson Talks with Buzz Osborne from the Melvins


So SixX Strings recently sent Jackson (the Associate Producer for the Karlson & McKenzie morning show) out on assignment to talk with frontman Buzz Osborne from the legendary rock band the Melvins. Even though the morning show crew here at WZLX was a bit suspect of Jackson’s motives in doing this, this was the perfect show for him to cover! You see the Melvins have a long standing reputation of combining chaos with purposeful method to make some of the loudest and memorable music in this now vague genre we call rock.

When I asked Jackson how the interview backstage at Allston’s Paradise Rock Club went, this is what he said:

“So I sat down with the Legend Buzz Osborne of the Melvins about their new double album, half rock record half movie soundtrack (with accompanying movie due out sometime in 2018): ‘A Walk With Love and Death’.


We talked about what was behind the concept of their new album, whether or not he considers the band a Seattle or LA band, and we’ll find out what the Melvins gather together to watch on a laptop to cap off a night on the road!”


As Jackson said, this two part set by the Melvins includes a full LP and film score for the Jesse Nieminen short film that is due out sometime next year. I know I can’t wait for it, just as all the other fans!


The Melvins’ music is sometimes random but always changing and never boring. So who better to send than our special correspondent Jackson? Take a listen to Jackson’s chat with Buzz and remember, even an old dog can learn new tricks.


Check it,




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