SixX Strings: ARTIFAS Reminds Us About Being More Than INHUMAN

As of recent times and events, the world of music has seen some heavily weighted events that might dishearten even the most devoted fan. I mean let’s be honest, going to see a show and being a performer is just not the same anymore. Fans and artists alike are starting to second-guess why they are even involved in a world that was once considered a safe escape from reality. Well for one band from Memphis, the hope to give it all regardless of the good and evil in the world is still there.

“I always felt like Rock-n-Roll was delivering a more true message than any other genre…”

-Scottie Somerville

ARTIFAS is in essence a name of a band based off an ancient Sanskrit word meaning the balance between good and evil, duality, and surviving through art. That couldn’t be more appropriate within the current state of our culture, country, and world. It seems we as a society are struggling between the light and dark of existence maybe more than ever. Well, a young band is approaching those concepts with an honest and positive message that is filled with an energy that just doesn’t waiver.

“We walked away from everything else in our lives with nothing but a $1200 van and some instruments…”

-Scottie Somerville

Front man Scottie Somerville’s willingness to give up his career and pursue a passion that was so ingrained in him that he couldn’t silence its call, is extremely indicative of the rest of the band. There is a mission to create the best music they can, regardless of what is considered popular or hip. They combine many influences, but collectively put out a musical manifesto that there is more to life than just letting the darkness wash over you. Too bad more bands weren’t realizing that, let alone the masses of our own country.

“We don’t try to write what’s hip now…”

-Scottie Somerville

Artifas’ most recent album ‘INHUMAN’ was released July of 2015, but they are currently shopping producers and writing new music. They are just finishing their “Red, White, & Brew” tour but that doesn’t mean they will be sitting still for very long. This band is always playing, touring, and spreading an energy that you cannot resist becoming part of! From what I can tell, you can expect very big things from this band with a message going forward.

I had the chance to talk with Scottie Somerville about his passions for music, and how he took a leap of faith for that love. Take a listen to our chat about good and evil, quitting your job, and trying to avoid unsavory producers. Remember folks, just because there is a darkness on the opposite side of light, that doesn’t mean you can’t see through it.

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