Pete’s Paranormal Tale From Ashland

Pete had a paranormal tale to tell the show and it was the first of the season. Pete was at Stone’s Public House in Ashland and it’s known to be haunted by a little girl that was run over by a train. The place still has the bloody dress! Kevin never heard of it.

Pete talked to a new worker there named Mike. After hearing the train in the audio, they talked about the dress again but picked the story back up where the new worker found the dress. He knocked it over and his friend got really scared because his friend believed it was haunted.

They went back and forth on who would pick it up. He started to apologize to the dress to prevent any misgivings. Later that day when he was driving, his brakes went out and had to use the emergency brake. This terrified him to the point where wasn’t able to sleep.

The next day, a co-worker brought up a bird that was sitting there all day and it was a sign of a spirit. This freaked Mike out even more. Turns out the bird’s nest fell out of a tree and his brake fluid was gone so it was all a coincidence.

Very spooky! Take a listen and have fun sleeping tonight.  

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