SixX Strings: Lee-Ann Roberts is More Than Just a Pretty Face

The passion for music can come from many places. There is no set standard on who might be captivated by the very thing that has been said to possess charms to Soothe the Savage Breast. For some, that passion can be more important than anything else… even more than their career and source of income itself.

“I’m always being judged…”

-Lee-Ann Roberts

Lee-Ann Roberts is known for her look, her body, and ultimately her face. You see Lee-Ann is a model. She has appeared in FHM, Maxim, and Playboy magazines. She has posed and postured for the gaze and inspection of many onlookers! Something else was on her mind though. Something that was so ingrained in her being, that it easily could take the top spot in this model’s soul.

“I’m 100% into music and it’s my passion…”

-Lee-Ann Roberts

Besides gracing the pages of some of the most well known men’s magazines in the world, Lee-Ann is also a DJ, and a good one at that! She has been making people move through a turntable, and now is taking the stage as producer too. Let me tell you though, this isn’t just another pretty face trying to play music maker. This the real deal! When asked if she would give up a successful career as a model for music, she didn’t hesitate a bit in saying she would. That is no statement of someone who is just having fun with a hobby; it is a statement of total commitment. It is something that feels completely natural for this South African born woman.

“How do you even build a following if the people in the room aren’t even real people?”

-Lee-Ann Roberts

Yes, I know, you have heard many people tell you how dedicated they are to their passion and art. Are they though? Would they forego actually performing if the show itself wasn’t organically attended? Well it seems that Lee-Ann’s values to her art were to just that test. There seems to be an app that promoters can pay people to attend shows and performances just to present the image of a full and visually appealing venue. Craziness right? Well at one of Lee-Ann’s recent shows in Los Angeles, that was exactly what took place. What did this top model do about it? She expressed her displeasure and said she doesn’t want to perform unless the crowd was there for the artist and music! It is great to see that there is still some integrity in the music world.

Lee-Ann Roberts has a release coming out the 26th of this month called “The Subliminal” with Jake Childs via UNI.FORM Recordings.  Her image is also making an appearance this month as well in the current MAXIM Magazine’s South African edition. And if that wasn’t enough to keep you riveted with excitement, she is also walking the runway October 15th for the new resort and streetwear clothing line Sunrise2Sunset launch event put on by TeeMZen Events at the Zenith Gallery in downtown Miami. You never know, she might even step behind the turntables to lay down some killer beats with Sunrise2Sunset designer and fellow DJ Cara Monday. Ticket sale proceeds from the event will go towards aid efforts for the recent catastrophic hurricane damage.

Take a listen to our chat about which is more difficult, the music industry or being a model, her love of rock bands like KORN, and what makes the hair on her arm stand up. Never forget folks, don’t judge a book by its cover!

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