SixX Strings: Dave Lombardo Is Still Fearless As Ever

When we are young, we have a tendency to act without fear.  We go at life with a raw emotion and desire without a care in the world.  As we get older, we start to become more cautious.  The world around us tells us to hold back and limit ourselves.  We start to fall into a routine based off learned experiences, perceived repercussions, and what might be an acceptable formula.  Sometimes that is not what our true self needs though, and as we get older that fearlessness bubbles back to the surface, no matter how many people tell us it is not wanted anymore!  For one drummer who has had his energies curtailed a time or two over the years, life is still fun regardless of how hard he was kicked to the curb!

“I was fearless then and I’m fearless now!”

-Dave Lombardo

DAVE LOMBARDO is most likely a name you have heard of if you know anything about the metal genre of music.  His reputation precedes him, most notably for handling the drums in the legendary band SLAYER.  Yes, I am sure you just exclaimed “Slayer!!!!” under your breath.  Don’t deny it.  You know you did.  Anyway, the history with that particular band also brought him to where he is now.  Moreover, from what I can tell, that is a place much more aligned to who he is at heart.  Now if you know the story of his abrupt departure from Slayer in 2013, you might be able to understand how that event could spawn a rebirth of the brutal energy that once drove this musician.  Now yes, Lombardo has had numerous projects and involvements that put him behind the kit, but there seems to be one that might just stand out as that fearless nature of a younger man.

“I just wanted to create a body of work that was brutal, that was hardcore. 

I wanted to play fast again.”

-Dave Lombardo


A band called Dead Cross is what seems to be captivating Dave Lombardo’s fearless wide-eyed direction as of late.  The music and action of the group is straight up visceral!  It is fast, brutal, and yes… fun.  This project, co-founded by Lombardo, is what might have been what was bubbling under the surface of this musician.  It is almost as if the clock has been turned back and the young kid that once helped create Slayer is back.  Enlisting the help of fellow band members Michael Crain, Justin Pearson, and heralded Faith No More frontman Mike Patton, Lombardo almost seems happier than he has been in a long, long time!

I recently had the chance to sit down with Dave Lombardo during his Boston tour stop to discuss music nowadays.  Take a listen to our chat about having fun, playing fast, technology for drums, and what might be wrong with music as we know it.  Just remember though, we are never as fearless as we are when we are kids, unless we make an effort to change that.

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