The Winded Senseless Survey

Kevin was a little sleepy and hungover during this survey this morning following the Patriots losing to the Chiefs on Banner Night. Somehow he was able to ring up a lady to take the survey this morning.

The first senseless question he asked her was if she knew the reason burnt popcorn smells so bad is because fresh popcorn smells so good? She didn’t really answer this or the next question because she was confused so Kevin asked her if she just woke up.

Kevin kept going if he asked her if she has ever referred to a neck beard as a “throaty” which made her chuckle a little before asking if this was real. Kevin then tried to get a secret out of her but that didn’t work.

He followed up with questions about her ovaries, last thing she swallowed whole and if she ever tried to not appear winded. She finally hung up during a question about burning her mouth. Kevin then launched into a story about being winded going up the stairs after a meeting yesterday.

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