SixX Strings: DORO’s Next Album Will Be In the Vein of ‘Triumph and Agony’

There are certain singers that are hard to forget or find fault in.  Yes, they are rare nowadays but if you look deep enough, you will still find them.  Talent and drive will set them apart from their contemporaries, but to be truly unforgettable, it takes a certain attitude to become a legend.  For one female artist, that has always come naturally.

DORO PESCH is commonly referred to as the “Queen of Metal” but I think that term sells her short.  This German born vocalist is much more complex than maybe people give her credit.  She has managed to avoid extinction in the ever-volatile music world, let alone the heavier genres.  I would say that a better term for her would be “Queen of Survival”.  No matter what level of difficulty that her life in music has faced, she is still charging ahead all the while with one of the best attitudes that anyone could ever imagine!

“It’s a great anthem.  I think it could top ‘All We Are’ and everybody is singing on it…

-Doro Pesch

After her well-known vocalist position with the iconic metal band Warlock and a successful solo career, Doro is far from showing signs of slowing down.  Recently Doro and company have been working on another chapter of her life with a look back at her amazing past.  The new songs will have a similar styling to her iconic Warlock release ‘Triumph and Agony’.  According to Doro, there will even be a great anthem mixed into the track listing that will feature contributions from members of such metal powerhouses as Amon Amarth, Kreator, Sabaton, and others.  The new album is slated to be released August 2018, and on the same day as their anticipated Wacken Open Air festival performance.  If relentlessly touring throughout Europe doesn’t keep her busy enough, she and her bandmates are out celebrating the 30th Anniversary of that ‘Triumph and Agony’ album!  They are even doing an exclusive run of shows in MA, NY, MI, IL, and CA as well.

“It’s in the vein of the ‘Triumph and Agony’ album…”

-Doro Pesch

I recently had the chance to speak with Doro about the new album, her thoughts about the length of her career, her energy on stage, and her show at the Palladium in Worcester, MA on 9/8/17.  Take a listen to our chat and think about what you have survived to be able to do what you love.

Check it,



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