SixX Strings: Marty Friedman and His Musical Union of Two Worlds.

There is a musician that is far more than any band he has ever been part of.  He has cut the strings that held him down long ago.  It seems he is finally surpassing the associations that have chased him for the better part of two decades.  One could easily say that he has made his own path, no matter where people thought he belonged.  That path didn’t come easy though.  It has always been a battle between his roots and his self-realization of where he really belonged.

MARTY FRIEDMAN is taking his time making music, no matter how fast his fingers need to move just to play it.  Why?  Because he realizes that if he can stand those creations by the time it comes to release it to the world, then it is still good enough in his opinion.  That takes an immense amount of confidence in himself, which did not just appear overnight.  Where did it come from then?  I think it would be fair to say that it came from an epiphany of sorts.  He realized only he could fulfill the need to create what was in his soul.  I say that simply because what he has been doing over the last 15 years seems to be what he needed all along… FREEDOM to create for himself!

A lot of that position Marty finds himself in now seems heavily influenced by his locale… Japan.  Has this American born guitarist turned Japanese?!  Well even though he now finds himself translating his thoughts back into English, one might really think so.  The reality of it is, no matter how accustomed Marty has become in his cultural norm, he is still battling things inside.  The brash sledgehammer tendencies of his upbringing are still raising their stubborn head when confronted by the stoic and razor sharp control of his Asian immersion.  Sounds complicated doesn’t it?  Well this artist uses that to his advantage for his music.  His latest album ‘Wall Of Sound’ is a perfect example.

Marty Friedman’s 13th release is the epitome of both his worlds.  It is an operatic display of the push and pull of his calm and chaos.  There is an obsessive struggle going on in this score.  You can hear the language in the head of a man that has come into his own with glimpses of his past still flickering in his eyes.  To say his latest offering is complex and rich would be a gross understatement.  This is an obscene display of inspiration!

I recently had the chance to talk with Marty about his new album ‘Wall Of Sound’, and how his home for the last 15 years has played a major part in it.  Take a listen to our chat about his collaboration with Black Veil Brides guitarist Jinxx, his appointment as Heritage Ambassador for Japan, his longing to be musically involved with the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, and where he goes from here.  Remember, when you shed the limitations of your past, you will find inspiration in the simplest things right in front of you.

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