SixX Strings: Ted Nugent Thinks the Worst Enemy in Politics is the Republicans

They say that some people cannot get out of their own way.  Even in today’s overly informed and connected world, that seems to be more and more of an accurate statement.  I mean, it seems that the world as we know it is in full on chaos mode!  Floundering around looking for help seems to be the norm nowadays.  What happened to that ideal that many consider is what made this country great?  Did we as a society become complacent, weak, or just too lazy to take care of ourselves and make our own way?  Well I recently had a conversation with someone that has modeled his life around being an asset in the column of life.

“I am a breeder!”

-Ted Nugent

If you follow rock music, politics, guns, hunting, guitars, and unapologetic observations of truth, justice, and the American way; then you might have heard of TED NUGENT.  To say the “Motor City Madman” is outspoken is an understatement!  He has taken on most aspects of life with the same ferocity as he does with his stage performances.  You could say that this is not an artist for the weak willed, but rather one intent on living the American dream.

“The worst enemy in politics is the Grand Old Party, the Republicans, because they do stupid stuff like that.  They do stupid stuff like getting John McCain as a nominee for president who represents nothing. Or Mitt Romney who brings a doily to a grenade fight, and represents milquetoast and pablum.  So this was a wakeup call.”

-Ted Nugent

Not only does this guitar slinger lay waste to the audience at his rock shows, but he also lays the same to the elected officials that are attempting to lead this country we all hold so close to heart.  That being said, if you haven’t been privy to his discourse on what is wrong with our “United States”, then you might want to thicken up your skin.  Ted makes no qualms about what is wrong with the ones at the wheel driving this “American Dream” for us all.  The status quo doesn’t stand a chance if this outspoken rocker has anything to say about it!

“Some GOP goofball/dirtbag at a GOP meeting in Michigan said, ‘You know that Nugent, did you hear him speak at the rally? Boy, that’s what we’ve gotta focus on. We gotta listen to what Ted Nugent said, and that’s how we gotta galvanize the troops here in Michigan to quit being a reliably blue state!’”

-Ted Nugent

I recently had the chance to speak with “Uncle Ted” while he is out on his ’Rocking America Again’ tour.  I suggest you sit back, take a long deep breath, and listen to our chat about his observations on the GOP, Kid Rock running for Senate, the Triad of Indecency, his recently born grandson Felix, and the musical erection that is his show.  If you want to witness the unabashed performance for yourself, Ted will be bringing his Michigan trio to New England.  They will be playing at New Hampshire’s Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom on August 9th and then Portland, Maine’s Aura on August 10th.  You never know, you might find out what it takes to be in the asset column of life!

Check it,



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