Ted Nugent Says Kid Rock Senate Bid Is A Hoax

"The worst enemy in politics is the Grand Old Party."

Despite recent polls indicating that Kid Rock might actually unseat Democratic incumbent Debbie Stabenow in his home state of Michigan, the musician’s rumored Senate bid seems to be nothing more than that, a rumor.

Speaking exclusively to WZLX, fellow Detroit-rocker Ted Nugent explained how the Kid Rock for US Senate rumor started and put an end to any future speculation. “He never thought, he never considered, he never mentioned, he never indicated in any far reaching stretch of consideration that he would ever run for political office,” Nugent said. “And he never, ever will.”

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Using Kid Rock’s birth name, Robert “Bob” Ritchie, Nugent went on to detail how exactly the rumored Senate bid took off, and offered up some scathing political advice for the old-style GOP Republicans. “I talked to my friend Bob… He’s my buddy. He’s my huntin’ buddy, he’s my horsepower buddy, he’s my rhythm-&-blues-Motown-funk-brother buddy,” Nugent opined about the duo’s friendship. “Bob Ritchie, he’s a hell-raiser. He and I are the Czar and Czar-1 of S**tkicker America. But he declined to even get on the Trump train. He was invited to the rallies and he didn’t come!”

“I did, because I saw that Hillary Clinton was an existential threat to America, to the Constitution, to the bill of rights, to the very heartbeat of why America is the greatest and only experiment in self-government,” Nugent continued. “So I wanted to get her beat, and I saw that Trump was a status-quo-crusher outside the political mainstream, and that’s what we needed desperately.”

Following Donald Trump’s unlikely election night victory, Nugent became a prominent member of Trump’s wing of the Republican party, even attending planning meetings for the Michigan GOP. It was at one of these meetings where the idea of Kid Rock for Senate first gained traction.

“Some GOP goofball/dirtbag at a GOP meeting in Michigan said, ‘You know that Nugent, did you hear him speak at the rally? Boy, that’s what we’ve gotta focus on. We gotta listen to what Ted Nugent said, and that’s how we gotta galvanize the troops here in Michigan to quit being a reliably blue state!'”

Perhaps recognizing the power of celebrity politicians following Trump’s unlikely rise, another GOPer offered up one of Michigan’s own. “Somebody in the back of the room merely said something out of the ordinary – or probably more accurately, pulled it out of his ass – and said, ‘What about Kid Rock?'”

One thing led to another, and in our hyper-partisan political culture, the rumor took on a life of its own. “By the time it got back it was, ‘Kid Rock said he’s running for Senate against Debbie Stabenow,'” Nugent explained, lamenting the voracious 24-hour news cycle. “He never even thought that thought.”

Lambasting the neocon wing of the Republican party, Nugent went on to criticize the party’s penchant for poor candidate choices. “The worst enemy in politics is the Grand Old Party – the Republicans – because they do stupid stuff like that,” he said, referring to a potential Kid Rock bid. “They do stupid stuff like getting John McCain as a nominee for president who represents nothing. Or Mitt Romney who brings a doily to a grenade fight, and represents milquetoast and pablum. So this was a wakeup call.”

“But boy they blew it when they pulled ‘Kid Rock for Senate’ out of their ass. I mean, it’s fun and Kid Rock I’m sure sold a lot of merchandise that said ‘Kid Rock for Senate.’ But it shows the malfunctioning misfocus of the Republicans in spades.” Nugent is hopeful that once the dust has settled, Michigan Republicans can look for “a real status-quo-crushing candidate.”

“They have begged me to do so,” he said “I have declined because I’m not even a Michigan resident anymore. I haven’t been for 16 years. But I am a hell-raiser and I have been in touch with every politician in every state because they all work for me.”

Hear the rest of Shawn Sixx’ interview with Ted Nugent this Friday (Aug. 4) over at Sixx Strings.


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