SixX Strings: Shaman’s Harvest Has Taken a Big, Deep, Breath

In life, there is a tension that is sometimes dark, gritty, and not quite ready to let you out of its grip.  It will build slowly and come into the forefront regardless if it is the right time or not.  You should hang on tight though, because you will be pulled in every direction but up.  Will it put you through hell getting there?  Will it seem like it has a greater purpose in mind for you?  Well for one group out of Missouri, the answer has never been anything but a yes!  Now try to catch your breath and get up off that floor.

“I think at the end of the day, the album, it wound up being what it needed to be.”

-Nathan Hunt

SHAMAN’S HARVEST has recently taken a big… deep… breath.  Their musical history has proven that sometimes you just have to let the world take you where it needs.  Yes, that might have been to a darker place than this band expected, but I doubt it was at the speed they wanted either.  It seems this quintet was not afraid to work hard to get where they wanted though; the last 20 years have surely proven that.  You know you don’t always have to fight the path that is unfolding before you.

“We really wanted to put art in the forefront of this particular record.”

-Josh Hamler

The latest album for Shaman’s Harvest seems to be an “Accidental Stab” at a concept album of sorts.  The artistic mentality you hear on ‘Red Hands Black Deeds’ via Mascot Records is hard to ignore, especially based on the fact this band has never really taken the easy path to anything.  You can respect that the music on this offering was not forced or overly calculated.  It almost seems to have a bigger soul than anything else they have ever produced.  Funny, if you talk to the guys in the band about it, they all seem to act as if the album just seemed to create itself. 

“I just don’t understand the mentality of being mad at a person for winning the lottery.”

-Josh Hamler

I recently had the chance to sit down with the band while out on tour with the infamous band Nickelback.  Before their show at the Portland Maine’s Port City Music Hall (a one-off headlining show), we honestly explored the ideas behind their new album, self-doubt, and why people could possibly hate a band for actually being successful.  Take a listen to our chat and remember, you have to work hard to get anything that is actually worth anything!

Check it,



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