Lars Ulrich Doesn’t Think Metallica Has Another 20 Years Left

By Rami Abou-Sabe

Metallica‘s Lars Ulrich has expressed skepticism about the band’s ability to extend their illustrious careers into the next two decades. Ulrich, 53, explained that there is a physicality to the playing the group’s bruising music, and he’s unsure if his body will keep up into his 70s.

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“At this age (performing live) certainly doesn’t get any easier and there’s a whole army of people that are propping us up and stitching us together so we can get up onstage and do what we do,” Ulrich told Forbes. “If you’d said to me thirty years ago that I’d still be playing songs like ‘Fire With Fire’ and ‘Battery’ at 52 years old I would have probably looked at you in disbelief.”

The drummer went on to compare himself to the generation of musicians that came before, and detailed the different styles of playing.“Somebody told me the other day Queen’s Brian May is knocking on 70, Sammy Hagar is knocking on 70, Paul McCartney, I just read an interview with him yesterday, he’s close to 75 or something,” Lars continued. “What they do is very inspiring, but the physicality of it is at a different level than what we do and it’s still a guessing game. There are a lot of jazz drummers, Max Roach, these guys all got to live very long, healthy lives and play drums well into their 80s. I just don’t know if the type of stuff that we do can happen when we’re in our 70s.”

“I would like to find out, but I also have diligence and enough self-critical awareness to know if it’s not working to sort of walk away from it because there is a weight and physicality that’s needed to push these songs to where they need to go. And maybe that’s not gonna happen 20 years from now.”


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