Queen And David Bowie Recorded Songs That ‘Have Never Come To Light’

By Rami Abou-Sabe

Freddie Mercury and his royal band collaborated on a number of tracks with David Bowie that have never seen the light of day, according to former Queen roadie Peter Hince.

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“I was in the studio with them. It was all quite spontaneous,” Hince told The Guardian. “It was one of those rock’n’roll moments. They were just fooling around and played each other songs.”

“Certainly, there were other tracks recorded with Queen and Bowie, and Freddie singing, which were never released. Pretty raw, but original material definitely. They were just incredibly spontaneous, good musicians.”

The revelations seem to corroborate comments made by Queen guitarist Brian May last month. In an interview with Mojo to promote his new book, Queen in 3-D, May recalled how “Freddie and David locked horns” in the studio during the “Under Pressure” sessions. “Sparks fly and that’s why it turned out so great.” May went on to add: “Not all of what we did in those sessions has ever come to light, so there’s a thought.”

Roadie Peter Hince went on to explain that while there are completed songs, they haven’t been released because of complications with ownership. “I can categorically say I know that there were complete tracks, not mixed tracks, but fully formed songs that were done,” Hince said. “Does it belong to the David Bowie estate or to Queen? That’s probably part of the reason these things have never come to light.”

It’s unclear if this new information will inspire the Bowie and Queen estates to come together and release the tracks, but if it ever happens fans of both bands will surely be in for a treat.


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