SixX Strings: Adrenaline Mob’s Mike Orlando Doesn’t Care About Flying a Flag for Either Side.

Things are a bit off kilter as of late in this country we all call home.  There seems to be a new rift popping up daily amongst the masses.  Where does it end?  How do we get through it all?  It is almost impossible to ignore the strife anymore.  Through all the static, It seems we are missing one very important common thread, the preamble to the Constitution of the United States.  “We the people” means something.  It talks of the collective we are all part of.  A gang of sorts, all looking for the same result regardless of the individual details.  A union to create the best we can, and to never give up or give in.  Well for one group of hard rock veterans from New York, making music is crafted with the same purpose.

“The way we gel together is just infectious…”

-Mike Orlando

The band ADRENALINE MOB has gone through its fair share of troubles just as the land they call home.  Whether it be line-up changes, a fickle and jaded music environment, and even a fallen band member while on the road, this band refused to bend to the pressure of the world around them.  Don’t get me wrong though, this gang of brothers is not all grunt with no finesse.  There is a true passion for the music itself and if you listen to them play you can feel something bigger than themselves.  Regardless of the individual member’s tastes or history, this band fits really well together!

“I never wanted to fly a flag; I don’t wanna fly left or right.  I’m not out to, you know, be out there to fly the flag for a certain side.  I don’t care about that…”

-Mike Orlando


Adrenaline Mob’s most recent album ‘We The People’ tackles the issues of our country, as we now know it.  They don’t get preachy or self-righteous though.  This is more about voicing an acknowledgement of what is going on, rather than picking a side or a flag to wave.  The band’s interactions among itself is also devoid of the common aggressive posturing.   The guys in the band only take on such a discussion of volatile topics when everyone agrees to take it on.  It is counter-productive for the members of this gang of musicians to be caught up in such bickering.  Their main goal is to make the best possible music they know how to do.  Moreover, from what I can tell, they are doing just that!

I recently had the chance to sit down with Adrenaline Mob guitarist and founding member Mike Orlando to talk about the state of guitar players nowadays, the stance of the band, and the new album ‘We The People’.  Take a listen to our chat and ponder how you approach the things that you are made of.

Check it,



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