Firecracker 400: 250 – 201

As we celebrate our independence and gather with family and friends for a well-deserved long weekend, keep ZLX with you!

We’re counting down the top Classic Rock songs with The Firecracker 400!

We’re done with the first 200, and we’ll keep going until we hit #1 on Tuesday.

It’s a star spangled spectacular featuring the artists that shaped Rock ‘n Roll!

Check back for the rest of the list – we’ll release it 50 songs at a time all weekend long, and don’t forget to listen live as we bring you all the way to #1!

250 Clash         Should I Stay Or Should I Go
249 Doobie Brothers                    China Grove
248 Van Halen                         Runnin’ With The Devil
247 Thin Lizzy                       The Boys Are Back In Town
246 Tom Petty                       Don’T Come Around Here No More
245 Stevie Nicks/Tom Petty         Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around
244 Cars                          Good Times Roll
243 Led Zeppelin                 D’Yer Mak’Er
242 Pink Floyd                  Learning To Fly
241 AC/DC         Tnt
240 Beatles                   With A Little Help…(Inc.Sgt.Peppers)
239 Queensryche              Silent Lucidity
238 Aerosmith               Train Kepta Rollin’
237 David Bowie            Let’S Dance
236 Warren Zevon          Werewolves Of London
235 U2                   With Or Without You
234 Stone Temple Pilots Plush
233 Eagles             Take It Easy
232 Rolling Stones    Miss You
231 REO Speedwagon   Roll With The Changes
230 Who                                Behind Blue Eyes
229 Whitesnake                        Here I Go Again
228 Bob Seger                        Turn The Page
227 Tom Petty                       The Waiting
226 Queen                          Killer Queen
225 Blue Oyster Cult              Burnin’ For You
224 Boston                       Smokin’
223 Ted Nugent                  Stranglehold
222 Supertramp                 The Logical Song
221 Black Sabbath             Paranoid
220 Pink Floyd               Speak To Me/Breathe/On The Run
219 Police                  Message In A Bottle
218 Manfred Mann           Blinded By The Light
217 Cream                 White Room
216 U2                   Beautiful Day
215 Aerosmith           Come Together
214 Soundgarden        Spoonman
213 Rolling Stones    Angie
212 John Mellencamp  Small Town
211 Paul Mccartney                     Live And Let Die
210 Journey                           Stone In Love
209 Doors                            Roadhouse Blues
208 Van Halen                       Hot For Teacher
207 Queen                          Crazy Little Thing Called Love
206 Led Zeppelin                  The Ocean
205 Genesis                      That’S All
204 Lynyrd Skynyrd              Call Me The Breeze
203 Tom Petty                  You Wreck Me
202 Pink Floyd                Run Like Hell
201 Motley Crue              Home Sweet Home

See the Rest of the Countdown Here


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