The Proper Way To Display An American Flag

By Rami Abou-Sabe

Did you know there are official rules as to how and when you can fly the flag of the United States of America? This Fourth of July, make sure you’re displaying your patriotism correctly. Read on for a breakdown of the regulations and proper orientation of the U.S. flag according to the Federal Flag Code.

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Flags can be displayed during daylight hours, but if you leave the flag up overnight, it must be properly illuminated. It’s also suggested that you take the flag down during inclement weather unless you own an all-weather flag.

How To Fly Your Flag

Porch: The union (blue section) is placed at the peak of the staff. If suspended by a rope, the flag should be hoisted outwards with the union on top.
Wall/Window: If displayed on a flat surface, be sure to place the union at the top left of the flag.
Street: Hang the flag vertically with the union to the east on a north/south street, and to the north on an east/west street.
Office: Similarly to wall mounting, the union should be up and to the left from the viewpoint of someone entering the building. If there are entrances from both sides, the flag is to be hung from the center of the building with the union to the east for north/south entrances, and to the north for east/west entrances. Buidlings with multi-directional entrances should default to the eastern direction.
Vehicle: The flag should be affixed to the right side of the vehicle and have full clearance over the body of your car or boat.

If a flag needs to be taken down for any reason, it must be folded into a triangle with the union visible. Keep your flag stored in a dry, well-ventilated area. The flag should never touch the ground for any reason. If the flag is damaged or worn beyond standard use, it is to be disposed of with dignity.

Keep in mind that most dry cleaners will wash your flag free of charge during the months of June and July, so be sure to ask your local cleaners.

Check out the infographic below for a quick glance at flag-flying etiquette. Happy Fourth!

usagov flag display infographic english 508 1 The Proper Way To Display An American Flag


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