SixX Strings: Diamond Head is Shining Once Again

It amazes me the number of bands that set a tone for their contemporaries but don’t benefit themselves.  Their journeys helped create an inspiration for others but somehow wasn’t the right path for their own careers.  Is it the luck of the draw, the wrong place at the wrong time, or was there a defining choice that forever altered their futures?  Well for one British band, that scenario has been their life and their turn in the spotlight is finally here.

“We tried to make the kind of album we like…”

-Brian Tatler

The band Diamond Head has been making music for a long time, actually over 40 years.  For most bands, that is a sign of accomplishment.  This British heavy metal band’s career length isn’t exactly their biggest legacy though.   What they have imparted on the music world is the songs they created themselves.  Unfortunately, that history hasn’t been without a few disappointments over the years.  Whether it was a novice management team, a changing industry, a singer who didn’t want to sing their style of music anymore, or the fact they never toured the United States; Diamond Head never seemed to be able to hit that top speed it was capable of.

“I wouldn’t want to compete with the big metal bands of the day. 

We are better off doing our own thing.”

-Brian Tatler

Well after all these years and hindsight being 20/20; Diamond Head is back with a new energy!  The band released their new self titled album ‘Diamond Head’ last year to an overwhelming amount of critical acclaim.  It seems that they are focusing more on being themselves and not worrying so much about what they did and didn’t do over the years.  Their new singer Rasmus Bom Andersen has also brought a fresh enthusiasm into the mix.  Maybe their better sense of self has resulted in the group not worrying about what the other metal bands out there are doing and focusing more on their own style.  Regardless what the cause, this band is finally getting their just deserts.

I recently had the chance to speak with Diamond Head guitarist and founding member Brian Tatler about the current state of the band.  Take a listen to our chat about heavy metal, inspiring Metallica, touring the United States, and a new album hopefully coming out early 2018.  You never know, you too might find out who you are after all these years.

Check it,



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