SixX Strings: Carrot Top’s Rock-n-Roll Comedy Show

Music has a way of being involved in most parts of a person’s life.  It does not matter your job, your background, or your goals; music permeates its way into all aspects of the person you are.  It can either nurse you through a tough time, or be the soundtrack to your victory lap.  Well for one performer, it has been a constant part of his life, and surely a defining compliment to his success.  It might even be said that he is just as much of a rock star as any band member out there.

“I think when people see the show they say, Wow you really have a passion for music…”

-Carrot Top 


Scott Thompson (or as you might know him Carrot Top) is known for his prop laden comedy act, but people really should focus on the underlying current to his routine, on and off the stage.  This redheaded comic is just as much of a rock star as any I have met.  Hell, his set is filled with rock music, videos, lights, elevated stage ramps, backstage crew, alcohol, sexual innuendo, and… wait did I actually go to the wrong theater while I was in Vegas?!  No, I’m sure it was the Atrium Theater inside the Luxor where Carrot Top performs.  The venue was emblazoned with his name amongst the plentitude of road cases and an enormous video screen as his backdrop with his logo watermarking the videos being played.  Whew!  I got nervous because you know, it is Vegas and well… things happen and you might end up in the wrong place and all.  Anyway, there was rock music playing overhead and the crowd seemed slightly lubricated with an adult beverage or three inside this slightly darkened venue.  I have been to concerts that were not up to this vibe!

“The whole show is based on my life…”

-Carrot Top

carrot top horns by roger williams SixX Strings:  Carrot Tops Rock n Roll Comedy Show

Roger Williams

Music seems to be every bit a part of Carrot Top’s being as is his red hair.  Being a comic, he takes the same leap of faith chances that any musician does.  Composing an expression with deep rooted ties to one’s personal core all the while navigating the world around, is all any artist wants to do.  For this comic, it is no different.  I had the chance to sit down with Scott before his show to discuss what music means to him, among other things.  As I looked around at the walls lined with signed guitars, sticker covered rolling cases, and corner bar that rivals any speakeasy out there; I realized I was in for more than just some Vegas lounge act.

Take listen to our chat about lasers, Adam Lambert, castles, Queen, dumb girlfriends, and why anyone should get into entertainment.

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