SixX Strings: Tom Keifer is Bringing His Bluesy-Rock Back to New England

There was a Philly rock group prominent when it seemed music was fueled by the fumes of burning spandex and Aqua Net, but they were far from anything like their peers.  Yes they wore eyeliner, teased their hair, and had wardrobes similar to the cast of Labyrinth, but they were not as they seemed.  This group was a straight up bluesy-rock band.

Cinderella was not like the other bands of their time.  They were far from being the stereotypical ‘hair band’ regardless of how far past midnight it was.  Hell, the band’s front man Tom Keifer actually now finds that term offensive.  It looks like the stigma of that era is strong though.  People scoff at the idea of the music that was created then and even more, they have a massive amount of disdain for the genre’s overall imagery.  Clearly the larger swath of the population couldn’t look past the book’s cover.  Well, Tom Keifer hasn’t faded off into the footnotes of music history.  He has never drifted away no matter what grunge accomplished, or how his voice has struggled.  Keifer is keeping the heritage of his musical influences alive no matter what!  His effort to express himself is far bigger than any genre category he might have been lumped into.

After various runs with his band Cinderella over the years, Keifer released his debut solo album, ‘The Way Life Goes’ back in 2013.  The album really showcased that this artist was so much more than a musical segment.  The album showed the expanse of how deep the blues and rock values run with Keifer.  The values that were always there from the beginning.

Well Tom Keifer is coming back to New England next week to show us what he is really composed of.  He will be stopping at Infinity Hall in Hartford, CT April 27th and then here in the Bay State at Mixx 360 in Malden on the 28th.  If you are fan of music, regardless of its preconceived reputations, then I highly suggest you don’t miss either one of these shows.  The hair band days might be long gone, but this artist’s career surely isn’t!

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For more information on Tom Keifer, his music, and tour:


To listen to my previous interview with Tom Keifer, please see the audio player below.



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