SixX Strings: Mark Slaughter is Exorcising the Demons with ‘Halfway There’

No matter where we are in life, we can’t run from our own history.  It is a journey that we have traveled and makes us who we are.  Regardless of how much time we have been on that path, or how many twists and turns there have been, we might have more to go.  Well for one artist, that history has lead him to realizing that for his destination, he might only be halfway there.

To say Mark Slaughter has seen his fair share of the music industry over that last 30 years would be a bit of an understatement.  This Vegas born artist has amassed a history full of influences that are still pushing him to create.  Now yes, he has established an associating reference with his namesake band Slaughter and its almost 30 year history; but for Mark, the quest to create is still keeping him up all night.  It seems that this artist realizes his path is to make art, and to do that he must not run from his past.  He is taking the influences he has gained and is exorcising the demons he still has.

“They’re playing half the year with Vince Neil and well what am I gonna do in that time?  Well I’m gonna make music.  Why would I just sit around …?”

-Mark Slaughter

Mark is releasing his new solo album ‘Halfway There’ and it seems to be the result of not wanting to sit around and not create art.  Even though he has had a successful career, and his band Slaughter is still actively touring more than ever; half of his band members play out with another group (Vince Neil) during the off time.  This leaves Mark seeking other creative outlets.  This is where Mark’s solo path comes in and where this artist explores what makes him… well… him.  It seems that Mark is not running from his influences!

“I’m not closing the door to Slaughter.”

-Mark Slaughter


This is only Mark’s second venture into putting out an album of his own, and I was actually surprised by that.  His creative side has been so occupied over the years that it apparently needed the freedom to finally take the reins and explore his own inner workings.  Via longtime friend David Ellefson’s (Megadeth) EMP Label Group, Mark has taken on almost every aspect of the recording process as well.  Minus the percussion side of things, the whole album is mostly Mark.  That in itself is an example of why this is the time that a solo album is coming to fruition.  This is a personal journey, all the while looking back on what he is made of and has become.  What does this all mean for the band Slaughter though?  From what I can tell, not a damn thing.  Hell the other members in the band aren’t really focused on this release.  The band Slaughter is still a driving force for Mark, but it seems that ‘Halfway There’ is a needed outlet.

I recently had the chance to talk with Mark about his new release due out this May 26th via EMP Label Group (May 10th in Japan) and his namesake band Slaughter.  Take a listen to our chat about influences, money versus artistic creation, exorcising the demons, and all that makes up an artist making art.

Check it,



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