SixX Strings: Is Life Of Agony’s Mina Caputo Still the Van Gogh of Rock & Roll?

Living a life in pain is no life to live.  The idea that you can’t know yourself the way you want to… better yet, know yourself the way you need to, is down-right fear inducing.  Even the strongest of facades can crumble when you feel like you’ll pop if things don’t change!  The best way to describe it is sheer agony.  Well for one artist, the agony and fear might have finally subsided, and allowed them to refocus their energy from pain to love instead.


“There is no right or wrong on how to express your individuality.”

-Mina Caputo

LIFE OF AGONY’s vocalist Mina Caputo is in a way better place as of late.  No matter how much self-destruction and pain motivated feelings she went through, her life is now about positive energies and putting forth love into the universe.  Those energies are something she’s always needed.  This is about a journey that is still transitioning for Mina.  It is still changing, blooming; it is a journey ultimately heading to a place where hopefully, there is no more pain.  Now Mina has experienced her fair share of approval and success with her band; but things have not been easy for them regardless of some referring to them as “life of luxury” at one point.  Since their start almost 30 years ago, they have amassed a “family like” following and have packed venues all over the world.  Something was missing though.  Life of Agony started out navigating the brutal New York area punk and metal scene with an attitude of either “love us, or hate us” but a member of the band never truly felt they could be themselves.  That struggle within transcended to the audiences.  The fans connected with them and probably didn’t even get the depth of what was being expressed to them through the music.  The Life of Agony singer was struggling with an inner turmoil, a turmoil that most had no idea to what extent; and music was probably the only real vent.  Keith Caputo was just considered ‘eclectic’ by his close friends and bandmates, and regardless of the band’s ascent to stardom; this vocalist was dealing with the fact he was someone different inside.  That someone was Mina.  This uphill battle between creativity and success in the music world was now about a person’s own identity!


“Flesh needs to wrap itself around the soul.”

-Mina Caputo

Almost a decade after publicly coming out about her transitioning, Mina Caputo is leading her band to new places.  Those places are ones filled with a revitalized energy, a new passion… a new message.  Twelve years since their last LP, Life of Agony is releasing their new album ‘A Place Where There’s No More Pain’ this April 28th to a fervor of anticipation from fans and critics alike.  Rolling Stone has even listed it as one of the 25 Most Anticipated Metal Albums this year!  Regardless of the new direction, the transition is still there, for both the band and its vocalist.  Even though it seems the pain has subsided, this group is still working toward a better place for us all.


“I need to feel good to create now.”

-Mina Caputo


I recently had the chance to talk with Mina about love, artistic struggles, PMS with no blood, and the future for her and Life of Agony.  Take a listen to our chat and remember that the only constant in life is change.


Check it,



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