SixX Strings: WITHIN THE RUINS – More than Halfway Human

This area can be tough for bands coming up.  Massachusetts is not known for being all that forgiving regardless of its rich musical heritage.  The bands that hail from this region that have went on to succeed seem to hold court over the thousands of upstarts, and if you dare to make a go of it, you surely have some big shoes to fill.  That is no more evident than it is in the metal community of the Bay State.  If you want any respect at all, you must honestly earn it by paying your dues.  Well for one Western Mass metal band, paying their dues, regardless of the current climate for metal bands, was only natural.  Working hard and earning respect is at their core.

“Outside the band we’re all blue collar, hard workers…”

-Tim Goergen

Within the Ruins has come up looking toward the Massachusetts metal-core scene as something to aim for.  With bands such as Killswitch Engage, Unearth, and Shadows Fall as pioneers in the locally originated style of heavy metal, the guys in this Westfield band seemed to have had a defined path to follow.  That was not necessarily the case.  Those bands might have cut a needed swath for the region and for a new and energetic sound, but they also set the bar very, VERY high for anyone following them.  Within the Ruins needed to work hard and secure a place of their own through hard work and determination… and that is exactly what they have done.  Pulling cues from the aforementioned Mass groups, this band also has some deep roots based on bands like Metallica and Pantera.  With many bands in their peer group shunning older examples of what metal once was, this band is trying to embrace it without losing sight of their own individuality.  And like I said earlier, this region is not one to openly pay homage to anything that might be considered “Myopic or Antiquated”!!!

After being around almost a decade and a half, 3 Ep’s, 5 studio albums, 6 music videos, and an amazing amount of shows and touring; the members of Within the Ruins are still working hard.  They just released their 5th offeringHalfway Human’  to a reassuring response from fans and critics alike.  With hundreds of thousands of streams on this one, the band is still grounded, acknowledging the fact they aren’t some wealthy rock band just yet.  Hell, their vocalist Tim Goergen told me of his studio apartment and Hyundai Elantra when I brought up the subject of his friends maybe thinking that he and his band were well off since they are signed and touring.  But one thing is for sure, this band is well aware that this is not a quick trip to the top by any means.  Just getting from tour stop to tour stop, it’s a Hurry Up and Wait scenario!

I recently had the chance to discuss the new album, local metal scene, and the work hard mentality with Within the Ruins front-man Tim Goergen.  Take a listen to our chat and ponder what the modern metal scene has become and where it might just be going.

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