10 Questions With… Tom Baker and the Snakes

2017 Rock & Roll Rumble

10 Questions With…. Tom Baker & the Snakes




1] Introduce us to the band. Endearing nicknames, embarrassing stories, and alternative facts are welcome.

a)  Tom Baker – vox, guitar – lead Snake

b) Charles Hansen – guitar – known for his love of hockey and Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc

c) John Brookhouse – guitar, vox – lover of Vacation Forever outerwear and endless tapping

d) John Sheeran – bass – best facial hair of all the Snakes

e) John Blout – drums – a natty dresser who never sweats even when wearing a sport coat while playing drums

2] What makes for a compelling live performance?

Honesty – and with the exception of John Blout – let them see you sweat.

3] What is the band’s pre-show ritual?

Our pre-show ritual is wondering if all members will arrive at the club before we are scheduled to play – a little “who can cut it the closest” game.

4] Who is your favorite past Rumble band(s)? Hint: there have been 37 Rumbles before you.

My favorite past rumble band is The Bags – just a hilarious rock n’ roll juggernaut.

​5] Spread the good word about some of your favorite bands from New England.

Fave local bands – Worshipper, Watts, Township, Gymnasium – for obvious reasons.  Other favs – the Dents, Tad Overbaugh and the Late Arrivals, Silver Mirrors, Sprained Ankles, Petty Morals, The Gentlemen, Jay Allen and the Archcriminals, Peter Buzzell, Motherboar, Black Cheers, John Magee, 2 Saints, the Swinedells, the Queers, Bunch of Jerks, Ghost Truckers, Thee Legendary Rockin Prophets, Jenny D & the Deelinquents, Eric Salt and the Electric City, the Shods, Sugar Blood Jinx, Jim Buni, Underball, amStereo, Duck & Cover, Tenefly Vipers, Diablogato, Modifiers, Justine and the Unclean, Rock Bottom, the Connection, the Handymen, Kurt Baker, Death & Taxes, Buffalo Tom, Warning Shots, Nick Bacon and the Adversaries, Neighborhoods and a whole bunch more I can’t remember ….

6] What would you put in the Boston Rock Time Capsule?

I would put a tape of Dave Minehan (Neighborhoods) talking about taking a van ride to Mexico with David Bowie in the Boston Rock Time Capsule – cause I still don’t know all the details !

7] Who would you cast to play you in the epic movie version of your band? ​

I would cast Peter Brady (Christopher Knight) to play me so he could sing the Time to Change song.

8] Who is your spirit animal?

Spirit animal – really?  Rhymes with Bake. (Really. -anngelle)

9] What do you want to say to the 23 other bands?

To the 23 other bands – Guard your drink tickets.

10] Lemmy, Prince, and Bowie walk into a bar. Then what happens?

Prince and Bowie head for the piano to recreate the Bowie and Bing duet Little Drummer Boy/Peace on Earth. Lemmy plays video poker with a Jack and Coke, ignoring them for the rest of the night.


2017rumbleposterofficial 10 Questions With... Tom Baker and the Snakes


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