10 Questions With… Something Sneaky

2017 Rock & Roll Rumble

10 Questions With… Something Sneaky




1] Introduce us to the band. Endearing nicknames, embarrassing stories, and alternative facts are welcome.

Justin and Jeremy are brothers, and Chris was a family friend growing up. Jesse has been friends and playing music with Chris since they were 13.

Jeremy’s nickname is Lambi.

At one of our Middle East shows, Chris was so drunk that he fell off the stage.

Pretty sure Jesse is a reptoid.

2] What makes for a compelling live performance?

In general, when everyone in a band loves what they are doing, it usually translates to a compelling live performance.

For us personally, when Jeremy brings it, that’s when we are at our best.

3] What is the band’s pre-show ritual?

We pack up the van in Pembroke where we practice. Pick up band members and friends on the way to the show. And then most of the band takes a pre-show shit at the venue (for good luck).

4] Who is your favorite past Rumble band(s)? Hint: there have been 37 Rumbles before you.

Zip-Tie Handcuffs, Morphine, Letters to Cleo

5] Spread the good word about some of your favorite bands from New England.

Jesse also fronts the band The Way Ways who we love.

We also love:

Summer Beard

Birds of Spray

Rye Pines

The Owens

Gigantic Ant


Roz and The Rice Cakes

The Rococo Bang

Horse Jumper of Love

6] What would you put in the Boston Rock Time capsule?

Dripping by Pile.

7] Who would you cast  to play you in the epic movie version of your band?

The cast of Always Sunny (minus Dee).

Justin: Dennis

Jeremy: Charlie

Jesse: Mac

Chris: Frank

8] Who is your spirit animal?

Chris has a wolf tattoo and Jeremy has a shirt with a wolf face on it. Pretty sure that’s our spirit animal.

Oh yea…we played a show with a band from Vermont named Spirit Animal. They were great.

9] What do you want to say to the 23 other bands?

Can we use your drum kit? Is anyone back-lining a bass amp? Is anyone driving up from the South Shore that could pick up Jeremy? Just kidding. Can’t wait to rock out with you all. Gonna be one hell of a battle.

10] Lemmy, Prince, and Bowie walk into a bar. Then what happens?

Lemmy was pissed that there was no happy hour anymore in Boston, so he flipped out. Bowie just kinda chilled and watched Maury. Prince was never a big drinker….so he was nice enough to offer to DD.


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