10 Questions With… You People

2017 Rock & Roll Rumble

10 Questions With… You People





1] Introduce us to the band. Endearing nicknames, embarrassing stories, and alternative facts are welcome.

James “Fast Jimmy” Brockman – Vocals, Guitar

(The Other) Christopher  Keene – Vocals, Drums

Hadley “Not From Hadley” Solomon – Vocals, Bass

2] What makes for a compelling live performance?

JB – Acrobatics, colorful costumes, careful attention to detail, beautiful lighting, melodious soundscapes. We’re talking about Cirque du Soleil right?

CK – A well executed game of mutual passive aggression between the sound person and the guitarist’s stage volume

HS – ​peanut butter. all over the chest. And blood.​

3] What is the band’s pre-show ritual?

JB – Graceful calisthenics and crippling shame

CK – Read bedtime story to kids, race to gig

HS – ​Hey Chris, speak for yourself. And James.

4] Who is your favorite past Rumble band(s)? Hint: there have been 37 Rumbles before you.

JB – Waltham, Black Cheers, Wild Zero, Milligram, Quintaine Americana, The Lemonheads

CK – Tunnel of Love, Laughing Hyenas, GG Allin

HS – ​Someone neglected to research, but I concur. Also, Mission of Burma, Black Helicopter, Mr. Airplane Man, New Highway Hymnal, Triple Thick, Slowdim, The Lemonheads, Z*L

​5] Spread the good word about some of your favorite bands from New England.

JB – A Band Called E, Ascend/Descend, Banditas, Brown Lasers, The Cars, The Dividers, Doomsday Student, Gaskill, Major Stars, Medea Connection, ozlo, Parasol, Ramming Speed, Save Ends, Speedy Ortiz

CK – No

HS – ​​

6] What would you put in the Boston Rock Time Capsule?

JB – A photo of the horrible mural of Boston in TTs, the 2017 Health Inspection Report from Tin Tin Buffet, a mix of my favorite music that is unplayable 50 years from now except in an antique Toyota Corolla

CK – Air sample from the Rat’s bathroom, copy of the DSM-5 manual’s chapter on “delusion”

HS –

7] Who would you cast to play you in the epic movie version of your band? ​

JB – Martina Navratilova

CK – Michael J Fox

HS – ​Catherine Keener​

8] Who is your spirit animal?

JB – The undead turkey roaming Harvard Square

CK – Roger Daltrey’s Rock Horse

HS – ​I don’t believe in animals.​

9] What do you want to say to the 23 other bands?

JB – Don’t wear your guitar above your belt. Be excellent to each other.

CK -We should do a show together sometime

HS – ​Excited to see you play. And it’s all about the downstroke.​

10] Lemmy, Prince, and Bowie walk into a bar. Then what happens?

JB – John Wetton and Al Jarreau walked right on in behind them. RIP,

CK –

HS – ​Lemmy says, “My statue rules​: i​t has ram horns and an engine on it. You suckers got gypped​.​”​


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