2017 Rock & Roll Rumble | Sunday, April 2 - Friday, April 21 | ONCE Somerville

10 Questions With… Biltmore

2017 Rock & Roll Rumble

10 Questions With… Biltmore




1] Introduce us to the band. Endearing nicknames, embarrassing stories, and alternative facts are welcome.

Phil Ayoub-vocals, guitar
Nicknames: “Youbs,” “Freakshow,” “Old Brown Eyes”  

Owner of a greeting card company by day, Biltmore front man by night, Phil has seen Barry Manilow and Gerardo in concert (separately), has photos with LL Cool J, Michael Bolton, and Slash (also separately), and used to host a talk show about the single life from the man’s perspective. In his free time he watches Cheers and Night Court reruns back-to-back, as God intended.

Glenn Bernard-guitar
Nickname: “GMann,” “G-Funk” (although he’s the only one that uses that nickname)

Former lead guitarist with the hard-working Boston band Lowstar, and current mad musical scientist and financial industry superstar, Glenn was able to successfully recover from what he describes as “the trombone incident” (don’t ask) to become the co-songwriting sonic mastermind behind Biltmore’s sound. He credits his signature style to having a British friend in college.

Kevin Mattos-guitar, vocals
Nickname: We’re trying to resist calling him “Mad Dog” cause it’s just too cliché

Upon joining the band in January of 2017 Kevin set out to be the Ronnie Wood to Glenn’s Keith Richards. Except, y’know, with less drugs. He’s never eaten a banana (though has had several banana daiquiris), has been to 49 US states, usually with his wife and trusty Catahoula Leopard Dog Baxter, and cites Tom Hanks’ character in Castaway as one of his style icons.

Jonathan Serbst-bass, vocals
Nicknames: “Serps,” “Serpsidops,” “Serpico”

Prior to Biltmore, the highlight of his entertainment career had been the time his left arm appeared in the background of a scene in the movie Amistad.  Musical highlights include appearing on “A Tribute to Lite Rock” CD, and performing to a sold out crowd as part of the chorus for music legend Andy Williams Christmas Show! He admires the bass playing styles of McCartney, Lynott, and Valauskas.

Scott McCue-drums
Nicknames: “Scottie Drums,” “Tay”

He is the Rocket Man. The straw that stirs the alcoholic drink. If Scott were a glass of beer, he’d be six of them. When he’s not playing drums, he’s skiing…and thinking about playing drums. Residing on the affluent (yet dangerous) East Side of Providence, Scott still feeds off his performance at the legendary CBGB as he gives Biltmore it’s maximum thunder. A graduate of Villanova Univ, Scott is excited that March madness has arrived and for his team to make a run at another title!  

2] What makes for a compelling live performance?

Seeing or hearing something you didn’t expect or didn’t happen the last time you saw the band, be it a song, a moment in a song, a story, or an interaction with the audience. Seeing that the performers are giving everything to give you an experience different than what you might get from listening to their records. Thinking that the band is having just as much if not more fun than you are.

3] What is the band’s pre-show ritual?

The last time Phil hits the bathroom before getting on stage he doesn’t wash his hands afterwards (it’s just number one, though). Glenn drinks one IPA. Kevin likes to lead the band in a group “Whoa, Bundy!” in homage to one of the greatest TV shows of all time. Jon has no pre-show rituals. He feels like just getting to the gig on time with his gear accounted for is enough to think about. And Scottie arrives 30+ minutes later than everyone else in the band.

4] Who is your favorite past Rumble band(s)? Hint: there have been 37 Rumbles before you.

-Abbie Barrett

-‘til Tuesday



-Eddie Japan

-Jenny Dee & the Deelinquents

-The Luxury

-The Schemers

-The Downbeat 5

5] Spread the good word about some of your favorite bands from New England.

All of the following bands feature excellent musicianship and songs, guaranteeing a great night of live local music!

-Jenny Dee & the Deelinquents

-Dark Wheels

-Eddie Japan

-The Rationales


-Abbie Barrett


-Seamus Galligan

6] What would you put in the Boston Rock time capsule?

-Aimee Mann’s “rat tail” braid               

-Brad Delp’s microphone and 12-string acoustic

-Ben Orr’s bass              

-A pair of glasses from one or more members of The Shelia Divine

-Bricks from each of the great Boston music clubs that have closed over the years (The Rat, The Channel, Johnny D’s, etc.)

-Steven Tyler’s lips (when he’s done using them…)

-Magic Dick’s harmonica

-Copies of the first, and the final, issues of The (Boston) Phoenix

-An early pressing of Parachute from when Guster was Gus

7] Who would you cast to play you in the epic movie version of your band?

Phil: Clooney

Glenn: Hugh Jackman

Kevin: Jeff Bridges (channeling “The Dude”)

Jon: Steve Zahn

Scottie: Vin Diesel

8] Who is your spirit animal?

The dog

9] What do you want to say to the 23 other bands?

Let’s have some fun and play some shows together when this is done! (Didn’t mean for that to rhyme)

10] Lemmy, Prince, and Bowie walk into a bar. Then what happens?

They join our team and we come in third place in the bar’s weekly trivia night.


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