SixX Strings: Blacktop Mojo remains Humble in the Spotlight.

In the world we live in today, the idea of being humble is a virtue that is few and far between.  Being gracious and devoid of attitude is something that is not the norm for sure.  Well the music industry as we know it is a gratuitous example of the lack of those values.  That is except for one band from a small town in Texas.  If you haven’t heard of them yet, you soon will!

“It’s a lot easier to talk to people I guess, when you’re playing music…”

-Matt James

BLACKTOP MOJO caught my attention late 2016 with an unreal cover of ‘Dream On’ by Boston’s own Bad Boys of rock Aerosmith, and it seems I am not alone in that.  Hailing from Palestine, TX, Blacktop Mojo is making the rock world sit up and take notice.  They are garnering the attention of famed Muscle Shoals producer Jimmy Johnson, Nashville recording studios, major media outlets, and most recently the legendary rock superstar Jon Bon Jovi.  What does all that mean though to a group of guys who didn’t expect anyone to hear their music outside their own town?  Well It seems that using their down-home values, god given talent, and showing the world what they are made of.

“I’m an outgoing introvert I’d say.”

-Matt James

I recently had the chance to speak with Blacktop Mojo vocalist Matt James about influences, garage jam sessions, rural Texas, and his experience with all this new and unexpected attention.  Their new album ‘Burn The Ships’ comes out March 10th, and I strongly recommend you add it to your music library!  Take a listen to my chat with this gracious and still shy singer, and remember that good things do still come to the people who deserve it.

Check it,



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