Joey Kramer Says Aerosmith Is Better Than The Rolling Stones

By Tim Staskiewicz

Who’s the bigger band… The Rolling Stones or Aerosmith?

If you ask Aerosmith’s drummer, the Bad Boys from Boston are far and away the biggest rock band on planet Earth.

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Speaking with Classic Rock Magazine in a recent interview, Joey Kramer says the reason his band is better is because it still has the original lineup intact.

“As far as Aerosmith goes there is no band that has been around for almost 50 years that still has the original five guys in the band,” says Kramer.

“The Stones is not the original band and I do not care for them,” Kramer elaborated. “I think if you came to see an Aerosmith concert, people would realize that we play so much better than them that it’s silly because they’re not so good live.”

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Kramer also told CLassic Rock that he thinks this is the end of the stadium concert era, once this final crop of classic bands finish their careers.

“I think it will be the end of a very long era, he explanied. “I’m talking about bands like us, AC/DC and Van Halen.”

Aerosmith is currently gearing up for their Aero-Vederci European Tour, which kicks off in May.


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