SixX Strings: Steve Hackett Thinks There is No Such Thing as a Foreigner.

Should music be made without rules?  What would happen if you removed the walls and limitations holding back the creative side of people?  Does music become a whisper of thought, a voice of reason, or a scream of defiance?  Who knows really.  Regardless of the crush of the world as we now know it, there have been a few that have torn down those walls.  One of those few is having his second coming of sorts… his rebirth.

“I needed autonomy…”

-Steve Hackett

STEVE HACKETT has surely seen his fair share of life as a guitarist.  From getting handpicked by Peter Gabriel to join the ranks of Genesis, to being a driving force in GTR, and his own solo career; Steve has always strived for autonomy no matter who was at the controls.  This is grand in theory but for most artists, it takes a certain amount of inspiration… a muse so to speak.  That muse nowadays is his wife Jo.  She is a beacon of light and inspiration that fuels his drive in what would normally be the later part of a life.

“There is no such thing as a foreigner…”

-Steve Hackett

Steve is re-exploring his creative heart once again.  His new solo album “The Night Siren” will be released this March and echoes a few heart-felt principles we all could learn something from.  He bangs a drum for multi-culturalism that lends to a musical exploration that breaks down the border walls we all seem to be looking at in today’s world.  Mixing styles, instruments, and people, Steve has made the auditory statement that there is enough room in the world for all of us.  Steve is also touring around the U.S., Canada, and Europe with his Genesis Revisited with Classic Hackett 2017 Tour.  He will be stopping here in Boston at the Wilbur Theatre Sunday February 26th to show us all that artistry and style of his that inspired guitar legends the likes of Eddie Van Halen and Brian May.

I recently had the chance to speak with Steve about life, the inspiration of a muse, and how there is enough room for everyone.  Take a listen to our chat and remember… that siren can be your awakening call.

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