Paul Stanley Squashes The Idea Of A KISS Reunion

By Rami Abou-Sabe

In an expansive interview with Billboard, Paul Stanley has revealed that the rumored KISS reunion was nothing more than that, a rumor.

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Comments by former guitarist Ace Frehley let to initial reports of a hopeful 2017 reunion for founding members Stanley, Frehley, Gene Simmons, and Peter Criss. Stanley quickly refuted those reports when asked about the potential.

“No.” he said simply. “And that’s not coming from any place of animosity. I sang on Ace’s most recent album and did a video with him. I have the connection and the reconnection and to celebrate the good things we’ve done together is terrific.” the singer continued.

Going on to further explain his reasoning, Stanley said, “The band as it is – I’ve played with Eric Singer for I think 25 years and Tommy’s [Thayer] been in the band probably 15 years at this point. I have no thoughts of re-visiting the past.”

Possibly referencing his appearance on Frehley’s solo album Origins Vol. 1 Stanley added, “I am happy to enhance or do whatever i can for anyone who has helped put me where I am, but that doesn’t include getting hitched again to somebody I unhitched from.”

The 2014 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony was the last time all four founding members were seen together.


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