SixX Strings: MEGADETH Never Wrote Songs to Win Awards – DAVID ELLEFSON Talks GRAMMY Win.

It’s about damn time!  Those were literally the words that came out of my mouth when I heard.  I was shocked that it had really taken this long.  I mean it wasn’t like they didn’t deserve it or anything.  After all these years struggling to prove something, they finally got to walk triumphantly down that aisle.  The fight has left its marks, but the victory couldn’t be anymore sweet.

“Our fans are the reason we’re here.”

-David Ellefson

The band MEGADETH has finally won a GRAMMY! Yes, you just read that right.  After being nominated for the 12th time this year, the band was finally able to hold that little gold colored trophy up and say that they had done it.  But what does that even really mean though?  Does an award bestowed by The Recording Academy validate what this band has been doing for over 30 years?  Nope… It doesn’t, but let me tell you what it does do.  It echoes an ideal of this band.  That ideal is Perseverance.  It is the main word in this band’s vocabulary, for it means never giving in no matter how hard that battle is.  Megadeth has shared that ideal with others though, the fans behind them.  They never gave in either.  This award for Best Metal Performance was as much about them as it was about the group receiving the accolade.

“We never wrote songs to win awards.”

-David Ellefson

This band never set out to make music for garnering trophies though.  They set out trying to make music that would be louder, faster than any metallic fury you had previously known.  But how long can they keep up that pace?  I mean it’s been over 30 years since they started.  Megadeth’s most recent album ‘Dystopia’ answers that question with force.  It is a look back at that drive of yesteryear but is not the same old recycled music.  This is about bringing back a fresh, youthful exuberance regardless of the decades gone by.  That burst of energy came at just the right time too, for it seems that ‘Dystopia’ might just have been this group’s go big or go home” moment.  If it didn’t hit, what would they do next?  Well it did hit and it’s a cool moment for all us metal heads because the band that came out swinging is just as excited now as they were back in the early days.  Megadeth’s GRAMMY Award might just be that post orgasmic cigarette…

“You know we always wanna lead with a metal track, you know because that first impression is a lasting impression…”

-David Ellefson

I recently spoke with MEGADETH‘s co-founder and bassist David Ellefson about their GRAMMY win, soundtrack faux pas, ‘Dystopia’, ‘Hired Gun’, EMP Label Group, and the Ellefson Coffee Co.  Take a listen to our chat and remember that the state of our society could always use a little more metal in it!

Check it,



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