SixX Strings: Lizzy Borden Still Refuses to Pick a Side

Some say the 80’s were better for metal.  It was a time when the genre was united and it did not matter what style of metal you played, you were all on the same stage.  Well yes, the times have changed since then and so did the industry supporting it.  The money left and many artists came and went in the blink of an eye.  Some remained, and scratched and clawed out an existence no matter if the music world wanted to leave them behind or not.  They had to have a killer attitude with a showman’s heart.  One of those artist is LIZZY BORDEN.

“I’m a performer so I like reaction.  To me reaction is everything”  -Lizzy Borden

This L.A. based front-man attempted to achieve something different.  He wanted to entertain the crowd, put on a show the likes of KISS and ALICE COOPER.  A drive for creative shows was his goal and that included much more than just the music.  It was about using a rich and multifaceted experience.  One to feed off the energy of the fans and use it to drive that creative urge, to keep it going and expanding.

“Sometimes I’m heavier and sometimes I’m more pop you know, and it goes back and forth and I like that.”  -Lizzy Borden

Lizzy Borden wanted to be in character not only for the fans but also for himself.  One thing was for sure, the last 30 + years Lizzy Borden has not let himself be defined by any one style.  No matter how hard the people tried to force him to pick a side, he refused.  He even went as far as to almost turn a cheek on the fickle industry here in the States and go abroad to perform and tour.  I mean lets be honest, can you blame him?  For years, some of the envelope pushing artists (from that era) were run out of the country by flannel wearing depressives; and the industry sure as hell was not throwing them a rope!

Well after years of constant touring and enticing a whole new generation of fans, the creative juices have bubbled over once again for this performer.  A new album is currently being worked on in a West Hollywood studio and will be based off possibly one of the most comprehensive demos Lizzy has ever done.  That is not a bad thing though.  It caught the attention of Metal Blade Records’ founder/CEO Brian Slagel so much that a new deal was inked.  The single is expected to be out this May and the album following in August.  Joining Lizzy in the LIZZY BORDEN band will be Joey Scott on drums, Marten Andersson on bass, and Ira Black on guitar.

I recently had the chance to speak with Lizzy about the new record, the industry, touring, and the 80’s.  Take a listen to our chat and ponder what kind of show will make your blood flow

Check it,



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