Listen To Fleetwood Mac’s Unreleased ‘Seven Wonders’

By Rami Abou-Sabe

In anticipation of the upcoming Tango In the Night reissue, Fleetwood Mac have unearthed an early version of “Seven Wonders.”

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The raw version showcases Stevie Nicks‘ powerful vocals, and a glimpse into Lindsey Buckingham‘s production style. Without the final polish, you can hear Buckingham’s layering techniques with a subtlety that’s absent on the official release. Brian Wilson would be proud.

Nicks’ ad-libs more than usual with a series of sultry flourishes in the closing minute of the track; the singer’s emotive delivery and incredible control are on display like you’ve never heard before. Dare we say it, this version might actually be better than the 1987 release.


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