Carter Alan’s Rock N’ Roll Diary: February 13 in Classic Rock History

Happy birthday to Peter Gabriel. What was the name of the label he created in the 80’s to release music from ethnic bands and peoples from around the globe?

ANSWER: Realworld

What else happened on this day in rock n’ roll history? Here’s the Rock N’ Roll Diary for February 13th, from the College of Classic Rock Knowledge – 100.7 WZLX!

1964: The Beatles arrived in Miami to tape their second Ed Sullivan appearance – 7,000 teenagers greeted them at Miami Airport…

1966: The Rolling Stones made a return appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show – surprising because Ed had vowed not to have the band on again…

1982: Ronnie Van Zant’s headstone weighing 300 pounds was stolen from his gravesite in Orange Park, FL – it was found 2 weeks later…

1998: The Eagles sued the National Foundation to Protect America’s Eagles, claiming that the organization infringed on the band’s name and image…

2001: Bob Dylan won an Academy Award for his song “Things Have Changed” from the movie “Wonder Boys”…

2006: The University of New Hampshire banned Ram Jam’s “Black Betty” because school officials considered the song “theoretically racist.” the song had been used since 1977 as a rally song during hockey games. However, “Black Betty” was originally written by a black man – Leadbelly, back in the ‘40s…


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