Carter Alan’s Rock N’ Roll Diary: February 6 in Classic Rock History

It’s the birthday of Axl Rose. How many years did Rose’s band Guns n’ Roses have to wait before its induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame after becoming eligible?

ANSWER: The band was inducted in 2012 in its first year of eligibility; so, the members didn’t have to wait at all.

What else happened on this day in rock n’ roll history? Here’s the Rock N’ Roll Diary for February 6th, from the College of Classic Rock Knowledge – 100.7 WZLX!

Happy birthday to Axl Rose!

1978: The Blizzard of ’78 began battering the New England coast…

1981: Recording began on the Lennon tribute song “All Those Years Ago” by the rest of The Beatles, although they each did their parts separately – it was the first time since the breakup of The Beatles that they appeared on a recording together. The subsequent single, released by George Harrison, reached #2 on the U.S. Charts…

1992: Bob Dylan performed “Like a Rolling Stone” on the 10th anniversary special of “Late Night with David Letterman”…

1993: Mick Jagger appeared on “Saturday Night Live” to promote his “Wandering Spirit” album…

2005: Paul McCartney was the featured half-time performer at the Super Bowl…

Checking the WZLX Ticket Stash…Sweet brought the “Ballroom Blitz” into the Orpheum in ’76.


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