SixX Strings: NONPOINT is Swinging for the Fences.

Sometimes in music, it takes a fairly good chunk of time to hit your stride.  You can plug away for years and achieve certain levels of success or notoriety, but is it ever really where you need to be?  Some say you can only get to the high points of creativity and exploration once you have experienced the freedom of becoming successful and to be honest…financially secure.  Well, I do not believe that is true by any means.  I feel it is the level in your soul that is the true judge.  This month a band is coming through Boston to show you that soulful level… that band is NONPOINT.

To say Nonpoint has been paying their dues for the last 20 years might just be an understatement.  Yes, they have achieved various levels of success with songs like ‘Bullet with A Name’, ‘Breaking Skin’, ‘The Truth’, ‘That Day’ to name a few, and playing some of the biggest rock festivals out there such as  Ozzfest, Rock On The Range, and Soundwave; but they always seemed to be hovering just below that threshold of going top tier.  “Why?” is the question I kept asking myself?  What was the hitch that prevented them from busting out of the oversaturated pack of hard rock?  Now I say this, it was not for lack of effort with Nonpoint.  This band has worked hard, I mean damn hard!  I have personally stood (hanging on for dear life rather) side stage as they commanded thousands to jump in unison to their feverous energy at Rock On The Range a few years back.   The stage swayed so hard that my expectation was, it might fall flat to the ground!  As I looked over at co-founder and drummer Robb Rivera during the set, I caught a look of sheer determination on his face as he played sideways in true Robert Sweet of Stryper fashion.  It seemed indicative of the band’s attitude of their career as it stood.  They seemed to know that they had to work extra hard at keeping themselves in the sights of the genre’s fan-base.  It almost seemed that if they did not break through to the next level that they were at least going to go down swinging.

Well recently, something snapped within the band.  Nothing bad but rather an epiphany of sorts.  The band released their album The Poison Red and a new level of stride has taken place.  It is almost as if the band hit overdrive when having any gas left in the tank is surprising.  Now yes, this new album has been out for over 6 months and many a publication have reviewed it and put in their two cents on its worth compared to the eight before it; but I think they might have missed the bigger picture on its significance for the band.  The Poison Red is a bat pointed towards the fence while being behind in the count.  It is either going to be a homerun or a strike out while swinging as hard as possible.  Is it a make or break effort?  I think it might be, whether it was intended conscientiously or not.  Twenty years is a long time to keep digging and scratching to get ahead, to get somewhere, to succeed.  We have all seen many a band disgruntledly throw in the towel, way before that amount of time had passed.

Well in a generation of idiots, Nonpoint will be bringing that level of lifelong hope, passion, and commitment to Boston this February 7th.  They are currently on tour with Boston born Myles Kennedy and his band ALTER BRIDGE and will be stopping by the House Of Blues Boston.  A venue that just so happens to be nestled in the shadow of Fenway Park.  The same park that is the home of the famed baseball team that just wouldn’t quit and finally had to go all in to keep from disappearing.  Will Nonpoint will be doing the same thing next door?  This could be the band’s equivalent of the Red Sox’s 2004 season.  Well as a fan of both, I say this… Swing hard for the fence boys, the faithful still believe in you.  You got this… Crushem!

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For more information on Nonpoint, ‘The Poison Red’ or their current tour:



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