SixX Strings: Judas Priest’s Rob Halford Thinks Turbo was the Black Sheep of the Family

After the back to back album and tour cycles of the albums Screaming for Vengeance and Defenders of the Faith, JUDAS PRIEST was ready to have some fun.  It was time to experience the crazy times that were the 80’s and to explore the elevated feel of the world around them, culturally and musically.  I mean it was an interesting period for bands.  Chances were being taken and new directions were being traveled; and for this iconic British metal band, a new sound was born.  That new sound was known as TURBO.

“It was a bit of a black sheep in the family…”

                             -Rob Halford on the album Turbo

As a band starts to establish a sound, a style, and a pattern; it becomes increasingly difficult to be inventive.  It’s always a dicey venture changing the direction mid-stream.  You never know if you will turn off your faithful, or inspire them to explore new paths with you.  When metal bands decide to follow their interests in new technologies and sounds, they might excommunicate themselves right out of the metal purist family.   Judas Priest was ready to push the envelope with Turbo though; finding something fresh could display the vast scope that the band was capable of.

“Trying to go to a place you haven’t before gets increasingly

difficult as you move on with your music…”

-Rob Halford

Judas Priest’s catalog of music spans over forty years but this legendary band shows no signs of calling it quits yet.   They are still having fun doing what they love and currently have plans to return to the studio and expand that catalog once again with a new album sometime in 2018.   By the looks of it, the legions of heavy metal maniacs couldn’t be happier!  The band is also not willing to forget where they came from or the chances they took.  The album Turbo is an important, valid record to return to, and look at once again.  It still holds just as much relevance in today’s world as it did then.  If you are like me and enjoyed this album then, you will re-enjoy it now!  This February 3rd, Judas Priest is releasing the 30th anniversary of that fresh pivotal step in their career.  Turbo 30 is the remastered version of their experience in ’86 and it surely revisits a period that the band holds close to their heart.

“The bulk of the work we’ve made over the years

has been a labor of love…”

-Rob Halford


I recently had the chance to talk with the ‘God of Metal’ Rob Halford about his time with Judas Priest, taking chances, writing a good song, and the release of TURBO 30.  Take a listen to our chat, explore what makes you a bit uncomfortable, and let’s all go a little Turbo Crazy!

Check it,




For more information on Judas Priest or Turbo 30 (3cd set or 150g vinyl) click here.


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