SixX Strings: Journey’s Neal Schon Doesn’t Think Being in the Rock Hall will Make or Break His Life

For the band JOURNEY it has been far beyond just believing.  No matter how hard life has been and what changes have taken place, this band has really been all about one thing… their name sake.   For this band it has been all about the Journey.

Most really couldn’t define the band Journey or to be honest… fully grasp what the group was all about.  They never comfortably fit into one area or another.  Yes they were a rock band, but their many styles and influences made it hard to pin them down.  They more accurately seemed to be a collection of experiences, just as life is.  The band’s career as a whole (or journey, if you will) is truly the special part.

“It’s not gonna make or break my life you know.  I mean certainly it’s a great addition to it at this point…”

-Neal Schon on finally being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

The interesting thing about this band that has sold close to 90 million records worldwide, is that they never truly got the full respect they deserved.  Now just so we are clear, I don’t mean notoriety by that.  If that were the case, then this band would be on a much bigger pedestal!  This is about a band that wrote deceptively great songs, performed like they were playing on the last stage on earth, and put a musical imprint on multiple generations!  Whether it be a wedding reception, school dance, bar room jukebox, or major league baseball stadium; the band Journey seems to have been a part of every stage in my life.  I honestly can’t say that about many other groups, and I’m sure I am not alone in that.

Well it seems that Journey might be getting its just deserts.  The band is finally being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! Many are still shocked it took this long.  I mean it is a bit ironic that the infamous music critic and Rock Hall committee member Dave Marsh once said that Journey was a dead end for San Francisco area rock.

“He was dead wrong! And that’s what’s so funny, we were a San Francisco favorite.”

-Neal Schon on music critic Dave Marsh’s comments back in ’83

I recently had the chance to discuss the Journey of the band, Steve Perry, new music, music critics, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with guitarist and founding member Neal Schon.  Take a listen to our chat, reflect on how the band’s music has impacted your own life, and remember… Don’t Stop Believin’!

Check it,




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