Ozzy Osbourne Recalls The Time He Accidentally Texted Robert Plant About His Cat

by Alisha Jackson

Try to remember the last person you accidentally sent a text to. Now imagine if that person were the lead singer of Led Zeppelin!

On an episode of Conan, the topic of technology came up when Ozzy Osbourne complained about his son texting and driving while road tripping together for their travel show, A Tale of Two Osbournes. “I learned more about Jack than when he was living at home,” Ozzy said about filming the show together. “He’s always texting while he’s bloody driving, and I’m going ‘you’re driving a f****** car!'”

Jack had some complaints of his own. For one, Ozzy does not follow the number one road trip rule. “If you fart in the car, roll the window down,” he begged. “He does not do that.” His father isn’t very helpful when it comes to navigating either. When asked why he doesn’t use his phone’s GPS or apps in general, Ozzy said, “I try, but I end up sending the wrong message to the wrong person.” “I can’t work a bloody digital watch, never mind a phone,” he added.

Jack reiterated Ozzy’s technological incompetence with a story that would make rock biography editors drool. “He once sent Robert Plant a text message like, ‘I can’t find the cat.'” Ozzy confirmed the story, and said “He sent one back going,’ You can’t find the cat…?'”

Watch the father and son rag on each other in the video below.


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