Metallica’s Lars Ulrich Wants His Band To Play Coachella

by Alisha Jackson

After being in the metal scene for the past thirty-five years, you wouldn’t think there’d be much else for Metallica to achieve. Then you talk to the band’s ambitious drummer Lars Ulrich, and you realize why they have accomplished so much.

According to the percussionist, the band would love to headline Coachella. Aside from that, they’re just looking to stay together, a goal which he doesn’t seem too concerned about. “At this point, it’s just staying together, longevity,” Lars told the BBC. “I tell you what, we’ve never played Coachella – that would be fun to do one day,” he added.

When asked if he would say yes to playing the festival, Lars said “Absolutely. If we can still keep buzzing around and continue to have one foot in relevance and one foot in the future. And then at the same time, when you’re 35 years into what you’re doing, there has to be at least an acknowledgement of the past – we struggle with that quite a bit.”

Lars expanded on the struggle, explaining “For maybe the first couple of decades of our career we were maybe fearful of repetition so when Rick Rubin showed up in our lives about 10 years ago, he sat us down and basically encouraged us to feel good about our past and to embrace it and maybe even borrow from it.”

Listen to Lars Ulrich’s full interview below.


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