Joe Walsh Tells The Story Behind ‘Rocky Mountain Way’ On Conan O’Brien

Joe Walsh fans already know that his hit 1973 song, Rocky Mountain Way was inspired while Walsh was sitting on a lawn mower, still it’s fun to hear him talk about it.

Walsh joined Conan O’Brien on his late night show on TBS earlier this week, and ended up telling the story of Rocky Mountain Way.

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“There I was, mowing the lawn in Boulder, Colorado,” Walsh told Conan. “I looked up and saw the mountains and the back range and I thought, ‘This is better than the way I had.'”

“And I got the words; I mean all at once,” Walsh reminisced. “So I ran in the house to write the words down, but the lawnmower kept going… over into the neighbor lady’s garden. It was an expensive song to write.”

Watch Joe Walsh play his hit Rocky Mountain Way with The Basic Cable Band on Conan O’Brien in the player below.


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