What Myles Kennedy Learned From Slash’s School of Rock

by Alisha Jackson

After hearing what Myles Kennedy had to say about working with his bandmate Slash, we wish the guitarist would have taken his jam sesh with the School of Rock Broadway cast one step further, and tried his hand at Jack Black’s role. How unbelievably cool would it be to take music lessons from the Guns N’ Roses legend?

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In an interview with Alternative Nation, Myles Kennedy credited Slash for his upcoming Alter Bridge tour preparations. “When we’re preparing for a tour or a record he will rehearse something over and over and over again,” Myles revealed about Slash. “He just burns it into his brain. I’ve seen how that can have a positive impact on a performance and how a song comes across. I definitely try to incorporate that more now.” Especially when it comes to acoustic performances. “For example, this press run we are about to do, we have a few acoustic gigs. It used to be that I would just show up, grab the acoustic and play the song or short set that we had. Now, after playing with Slash, he would insist we get together and practice acoustically because it’s a different arrangement. Little things like that have tweaked my perspective. I work that much harder because of it. He’s instilled a certain work ethic for sure. He’s amazing.”

As for Slash [Slash, Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators] and Mark Tremonti [Alter Bridge] naming Kennedy the best guitar player in their respective bands, he humbly disagrees. “They are totally lying,” Kennedy declared. “That’s just not true. The thing is, both Mark and Slash have very distinct sounds. That’s something that is unattainable. You hear Mark play and you know its Mark Tremonti. You hear Slash play and you know its Slash. With me, I was a studio player and studied a lot of aspects to be as versatile as I could. What makes them exceptional is their character. It shows through in their playing. That’s why they are both considered to be rock guitar icons. They’re not giving themselves enough credit. That’s not something you study and learn. That’s in their DNA.”


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