Rock Talk With Carter: How Ginger Baker Almost Killed Him

by Alisha Jackson

Today marks the birthday of legendary Cream drummer, Ginger Baker. It also marks that day that his band Blind Faith went gold with their first, and only album in 1969.

Baker became an icon after forming the band Cream with Eric Clapton. Not being too fond of fame, Clapton ended up leaving the group in search of a quieter music scene with Steve Winwood, when Ginger Baker literally came banging on Winwood’s door demanding to join their newly formed acoustic band. That band ended up being the supergroup Blind Faith.

Ginger Baker has had a wide array of music gigs over the years, which Carter chronicles in his Rock Talk video above. But the most interesting story he shares is exclusive, as it actually happened to Carter back when we worked at WBCN. We’re of course talking about the time Ginger Baker almost killed Carter Alan.

For the full scoop, watch the video above!


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